15 Best Work Boots For Sweaty Feet (2021)

Best Work Boots For Sweaty Feet

Work boots are an important part of any work wardrobe. But not all the time are you wearing them on a construction site or at your desk, sometimes you can find yourself sweating through them while sitting in a meeting.

What should you do if this is your situation? You need to make sure that these shoes are breathable and comfortable enough for long hours of wear because it’s unlikely that they’ll dry out quickly enough for use later in the day.

So what’s the best option? A good pair of leather work boots with ventilation holes will be perfect to keep your feet cool and comfortable! If these aren’t available then there are other options like fabric lining or inserts made from natural fibers, which have also been shown to reduce foot odor.

One of the most important features to look for when investing in work boots is a water resistant upper. If you have sweaty feet, your boots will become soaked and uncomfortable. Choose from our wide selection of brands including Birkenstock, Red Wing, Timberland and more!

We know that there are many out there, but we’re here to help you find the one that will suit your needs and preferences. If you want a comfortable shoe that will keep you dry all day long, then it’s time to look into these shoes!

Benefits of Work Boots For Sweaty Feet:

  1. Protect your feet from skin infections
  2. Prevent foot odor and bad breath
  3. Keep your feet warm in the wintertime
  4. Make you feel more confident at work
  5. Help to prevent falls at work by providing better grip on slippery surfaces

Things to Consider When Buying Work Boots For Sweaty Feet

  1. Make sure the boots are made from a breathable material
  2. Consider how often you will be wearing them – if it is for work, then you’ll want to make sure they have good arch support and provide some degree of protection against slips and falls
  3. Be aware that not all shoes can accommodate sweaty feet – so keep an eye out for waterproofing or other features that might help your feet stay dryer
  4. Choose a style that suits your personality
  5. Order online to save time and money on shipping costs
  6. Try the shoes on in the store before buying them, just in case they don’t fit as well as expected when you get home

XPETI Summer Boots for Sweaty Feet

The XPETI Summer Warrior Hiking Shoes for Sweaty Feet is a warm and thick boot with a waterproof, lightweight outsole that helps you go from soggy mud to dry land without getting dirty. Prevent blisters by providing enough padding between your heel and the shoe’s rear Achilles guard. And don’t worry about slipping due to the thick rubber tread pads on the soles!

If you are tired of wet feet when hiking, these are the boots are perfect for you. End your misery with our XPETI Summer Boots! These adorably stylish high-rise winter hill walking footwear is guaranteed to hold in all your worries without venting out the sweat that accumulates inside.

The best time to buy these high-rise boots for girls is now. Girls, the heat wave’s coming and your feet are going to be sweating through your jeans. Your cute pair of summer shorts will show off those socks but it won’t look as good if they’re soaked from sweat!

If you don’t purchase a pair of shoes soon you might end up with a nasty fungal infection called Athlete’s foot which causes irritated skin between toes – yuck! Nobody likes an itchy ankles, so just click “add to cart” on these XPETIs already!

Positives: Our adorable summer waterproof woodlands shoe is just what you need to have fun on an active day during warmer months or even cooler winter days giving him protection against water and snow.

It’s made from breathable mesh fabric, so they combine comfortability together with practicality! The best thing about this shoe? They’re slip resistant – one less worry while taking on new challenges!

XPETI Summer Boots for Sweaty Feet
XPETI Summer Boots for Sweaty Feet

SUADEX Safety Work Boots Summer

You want a company that values your safety and respects your needs. That’s where we come in! Our SUADEX Safety Work Boots for Men and Women, Black will not only protect you from spills and other workplace dangers, but also give your feet some much-needed ventilation in the summer heat.

When it’s too hot to wear boots, these lightweight trainers are perfect! Featuring a steel-toe cap and reinforced toes for all-day comfort as well as breathable mesh strips to absorb sweat. Simply slip on your birthday suit and hop over the transom to work hard.


  • Lightweight design with a steel toe cap makes these comfortable shoes perfect for summer
  • Breathable mesh keeps your feet dry and light
  • Features a molded inner collar for better fit
SUADEX Safety Work Boots Summer
SUADEX Safety Work Boots Summer

Walking Boots Men’s

In a comparison to hiking boots, these are lighter and easier to take off. But the downside is that it lacks good grip on slippery surfaces or wet climates. These make great shoes for everyday wear with skinny jeans or wearing comfort if you have sweaty feet from sports activities.

Walking boots mens, as the name suggests is a type of shoe that doesn’t just protect your feet against the cold and rain but also ensure that you do not slip or show those tired footprints. Whether it is dirty soles, wet socks when walking in the rain, it’s all happening when wearing this footwear.

Being light weight makes these kind of shoes perfect to be used for hiking up mountain trails because they don’t offer much weight thereby easy lifting with one hand. You know what else? This pair of footwear can be worn in wintertime too because unlike many other heavy boots which are weary after putting them on during summer season .

Walking Boots Men's
Walking Boots Men’s

Skechers Women’s Boots

It’s no secret the Skechers are taking over. We at Aerie can’t get enough! Take these undeniable, don’t-miss-out Skechers Women’s Energy Moon Hour Chukka Boots Lace Up Black for instance. You’ll love them because they’re comfy but still stylish and come in a variety of other colors too, you should have already figured that out from their name.

Endless colors and prints mean you’re sure to find the perfect style for you. This asymmetrical design has a round toe, lace up closure, textile lining with cushioned insole. The padded collar, stacked heel and rubber grip outsole make this boot perfect for any adventure outdoors or around town!

Skechers Women's Boots
Skechers Women’s Boots

Berghaus Boots for Sweaty Feet

The last thing we want is wet, soggy feet when we’ve spent all this time in the wilderness. Yeah, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing—but for us? We love hiking and everything that goes with it. Sometimes we wear these Berghaus Women’s Supalite II Gore-Tex Waterproof High Rise Hiking Boots on rainy days out in the woods or along a stream.

Why don’t I just put on my old faithful rubber boots and call it a day? Well, not only will your feet get waterlogged; if you try to lash them up with duct tape like some people do (we’ve seen y’all at camp), then chances are pretty good they’ll leak eventually.

Berghaus has a full line of Women’s Boots. With a waterproof, breathable GoreTex layer, you can trek anywhere with confidence that your feet won’t be smelly! Berghauser have boots for both flatling and hiking in case you plan on walking more than climbing.

There are even vegan options for those who want an animal-free boot! And don’t worry about temperature change because they function at -40c or 104f degrees Fahrenheit so it’ll stay right with you no matter the environment.

The only downside is that if it happens to rain while wearing them, there might be some water trapped in the rubber sole which will seep through onto your socks depending on how porous the material is.

Berghaus Boots for Sweaty Feet
Berghaus Boots for Sweaty Feet

Trespass Boots for Sweaty Feet

We all know it’s tough to be a woman with sweaty feet. They’re hard on your delicate dresses and your new, fresh shoes. We at Trespass don’t think it should have to be that way. That’s why these hiking boots have been created for sweat-prone female feet!

Give in to the cool comfort of our Trespass Mitzi Woman High Rise Hiking Boots iron can handle any slippery occasion or new environments you might face this summer or fall! Catch some air on that hike while wearing these rugged, yet feminine pieces of footwear from Trespass!

Drying out your feet after a long hike is never fun. Throw on a pair of these moisture-wicking, cooling Trespass Women Mitzi Hiking Boots to make walking home feel like you’re walking on air!

These hiking work boots are made from supple leather and textured mesh for added ventilation and sport a shock-absorbing EVA midsole that will keep those sore feet from having to walk any further today.

Trespass Boots for Sweaty Feet
Trespass Boots for Sweaty Feet

SALOMON Men’s Boots

By keeping your feet dry and comfortable day after day, you’ll be able to do more of the things that make you happy. Not only will these boots carry you through all of your hikes and adventure-filled days with ease; they’ll also save you from the inevitable sweat, blisters, and raw skin associated with long hikes.

One of the most durable hiking boots available for men on this planet, these high-rise (more than one inch off the ground!) waterproof boots are perfect for any man who wants to get out there in nature while looking good doing it!

Choose between a mid-boot height or a full ankle boot height to suit what’s best for where exactly you would like to use them.

Pros: Price is reasonable, easily available. Versatile boot for many adventures down the mountain. Keeps feet dry thanks to Gore-Tex lining and EVA foam cushions that are comfy even after long, rough hikes.

And if you decide you want them to show their dirty boots, no problem – just clean with soap and warm water! Slipped on these bad boys to go see a few of our customers in Moose Rockey Park last week.

The traction was great as I edged along the ledge overlooking the river valley below! Come give them a try today — we have first dibs here at Manly Gear… “No Bull!”

Cons: May be too heavy for some people’s taste

SALOMON Men's Boots
SALOMON Men’s Boots

Regatta Men’s Boots

Hipsters are always on the lookout for the next new thing to get them noticed – that one hot trend that they can use to set themselves apart. Well, all that effort is about to pay off because we just found it! Introducing our newest line of trendy footwear – FootMaker Styles only!

The perfect mix of classic style and modern day design. Step outside your comfort zone in some Skinny Faded Jeans or do it up with some Fancy Prom Dress Sneakers.

With the Regatta Men’s Holcombe Iep Mid High Rise Hiking Boots, you can go where no man has gone before. The construction on this boot is one of a kind and so light weight despite being fully waterproof.

With these boots on your feet, you will be able to have perfect control on trail hikes, slogs through the swamp, local picnics in the park.

But these boots do not give just as they get. Sweaty feet beware! They keep those pearly whites clean with some rubberized GORE-TEX 3L membrane that keeps all those icky feet juices from getting on your socks or trouser cuffs—just don’t let those nasty sweat pickles touch the inside!

Regatta Men's Boots
Regatta Men’s Boots

Merrell Boots

The Merrell Siren 3 Mid Gtx High Rise Hiking Boots are the perfect fit for feet that get hot easily. These hiking boots’ Gore-Tex lining will help keep your feet dry while also minimizing excess heat. Wear these waterproof, insulated shoes on your next hike!

There’s a couple of disadvantages with these shoes, though: they’re not as breathable as some models and they do have an arch support which might be too high for those who have low arches or can’t tolerate raised arches.

The Merrell Women’s Siren 3 Mid Gtx High Rise Hiking Boots is for those with sweaty feet. With a waterproof, limited drop inseam and genuine leather upper these boots will keep your feet dry, and feel more like you’re walking on pillows than licking the sidewalk (trust us on this one).

Not only will they keep that icky feeling off of your toes–these comfy shoes come with a high rise that makes them perfect for hiking! And judging by the color-scheme we think it’s safe to say these kicks go very well with applesauce.

Merrell Boots
Merrell Boots

Hi-Tec Men’s Storm Waterproof Hiking Boots

Hi-Tec Men’s Storm Waterproof Hiking Boots, beige and other tan color combos. Probably not the best choice for you if you’re looking to buy boots to wear on a first date; however, if your feet sweat aggressively or pick up bad odors quickly these waterproof Hi-tec hiking shoes are worth considering!

The upper is made of breathable nylon mesh combined with suede leather which promotes air flow as well as arch shock absorption adding to the comfort element. Made from light weight materials that keep your skin dry and your feet happy even during long periods of use.

These boots also include an unbreakable diamond shaped shank frame: this steel frame provides resilience and rigidity while maintaining flexibility, wearing toughness and rust resistance.

They’ve been sealed from the inside with a patented drainage system so water can never get in. Say bye bye squishy shoes – these babies have right out the box comfortability that lasts all day long.

Hi-Tec Men's Storm Waterproof Hiking Boots
Hi-Tec Men’s Storm Waterproof Hiking Boots

V12 Rawhide Boots

If you are an avid golfer, hunter, veggie-farmer or all of the above, then your feet sweat. This can be a major downer for your day’s plans because it could mean that you missed the unforgettable shot of a lifetime, merely because your boots have stinky feet.

With V12 Rawhide Boots’ breathable leather and other features designed to promote freshness inside these shoes, wearing them will make sure that your daily goals are met (or not if you messed up already like me).

Plus they come with our three year warranty so there is no need to worry about wasting money on subpar footwear!

Practical and comfortable, the V12 Rawhide Boots are perfect for long stretches spent on your feet outside.

The 100% full grain leather uppers provide durable protection from happenings at the well site; while a molded rubber outsole provides comfort and stability as you make sure everything has been labeled and trucked off to destinations unknown.

These boots also feature Drilex® lining which ensures that feet stay dry and fresh by drawing moisture away from the skin – even through those high-kill socks happen to get stuck in there.

This is a great boot for protecting yourself not only against dehydration but also things like fungus or other common foot ailments that usually occur when you have sweaty feet all day!

V12 Rawhide Boots
V12 Rawhide Boots

Salewa Boots

Tired of your feet sweat in summer? Or worrying about sweaty shoes after hours on the trail? Want to know more about Salewa’s 30-year experience of boots that are manufactured with Gore-Tex lining plus anti-odor foot pads to keep smells at bay while you’re hiking around for days?

Meet MS Mountain Trainer Mid, which has enough stretchability for an enjoyable feel yet provides steadfast stability when you need it most.

With ankle support and heel protection guaranteed by Air Cushion technology, this product will make sure all the heaviness doesn’t crush your toes. Add some style points to your wardrobe!

Pros: These are waterproof warm boots for all occasions, perfect for walking or hiking.
Cons to consider: You probably won’t find these on the shelf at Walmart, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth your time! Be prepared to pay $150+ for this quality product if you want them today.

Interested? Well first let’s discuss what sets Salewa apart from their competitors. Salewa offers a range of functions and features that other companies can’t compete with – mainly their patented Weatherguard construction designed to keep you dry during tough weather conditions paired with Gore-Tex membranes guaranteed waterproof up to 44 hours in severe rain.

Salewa Boots
Salewa Boots

JIEFU Safety Boots Men

You know that feeling when your toes are too sweaty and want to wiggle around like mad, you’re thinking about how the sweat is dripping down your leg and slowly dropping off before it can get to their destination, and you find yourself mentally licking up all of the spilled water.

The only thing better than this? A pair of JIEFU Safety Boots Men S3 Women’s Work Shoes with Steel Toe Cap Ankle High Lightweight Sporty Trainers Protective Shoes for Women not adding any moisture through sweating!

Just slip on these covers over your shoes; they won’t rub into your foot or be uncomfortable anywhere. You’ll feel more refreshed which will make it easier for you to sustain long hours on the job!

JIEFU Safety Boots Men
JIEFU Safety Boots Men

Wolverine Men’s Overpass Boots Men

You put a lot of time and effort into your workwear wardrobe, but you’re not getting the respect that’s due to you. Toe-slapping teasing from the higher ups has got you feeling less than confident in your hardhoiled leather boots.

You need a little more authority in your step, so when it’s time for dinner with management or meetings about stock options, look at them eye-to-eye with all the confidence of Wolverine Men’s Overpass 6″ Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot.

No more smelly feet with these waterproof boots! For those of you who work up a sweat on the job, this is perfect for you. And it’s available in many sizes, whether you’re X-small or XX-large.

Wolverine Men's Overpass Boots Men
Wolverine Men’s Overpass Boots Men

Timberland Nellie Chukka Double Ankle Boots

Do your feet sweat a lot? Are you tired of having to worry about that next round after workout, commute, lunchtime run, or any time you step outside and realize your shoes will no longer do? Well we’ve got your back.

Introducing Timberland Nellie Chukka Double Ankle Boots: the perfect boot for women (up to size 12) looking for double protection and total comfort with leather lining inside the upper and padded collar.

Being a fashionable, modern woman requires that you deal with sweaty feet. Whether you are rockin’ some heels all day or getting your steps in after your morning run, your footwear is the perfect place for sweat to accumulate. Timberland Double Ankle Boots are waterproof so no more sloshing around in the wet spots of the city!

Timberland Nellie Chukka Double Ankle Boots
Timberland Nellie Chukka Double Ankle Boots

DeWALT Sympatex, Men’s Safety Boots

DeWALT Sympatex, Men's Safety Boots
DeWALT Sympatex, Men’s Safety Boots

SALOMON Men’s Safety Boots

The SALOMON Men’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX High Rise Hiking Boots are perfect for long days of high intensity activity and strenuous backs and feet. The cushioned, airflow mesh lining is designed to ensure that your foot stays cool and dry during those long hours hiking or on the treadmill. These boots offer protection to the Achilles Tendon area so you can go as hard as you need to without injury!

The Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX High-Rise Hiking Boots are great for hiking. They’re sturdy and protect your feet from stones, stumps, and other sharp objects that come with the territory of exploring nature.

One downside is that they get really sweaty—even on dry grass! But these boots have an innovative GoreTex lining so your sweat can’t soak through to the outside of the shoe where you could dirty them up in the mud or stream. Some reviewers also complain about a lack of arch support in low profile shoes like this one.

SALOMON Men's Safety Boots
SALOMON Men’s Safety Boots

Rockport Men’s Boots

The Rockport Men’s Storm Surge Plain Toe Boot Classic, Brown is the perfect boot for anyone who needs to keep their feet both warm and dry! With waterproof materials and a design that doesn’t retain water or snow – you’ll be sure to stay on your toes (pun intended) with these boots.

Not only do they boast professional-grade leather, but they also come with durable rubber soles and non-marking outsoles. They’re great for any occasion, whether it’s rain or shine!

The major downside to this product is that there aren’t any insoles included in the purchase, so if you plan on having them as your everyday shoe then make sure to buy inserts before.


Durability- Rockport Men’s Storm Surge Plain Toe Boot Classic, Brown have been tested to help withstand the toughest conditions. Go from sea level to 20 inches of snow in a New York minute without breaking a sweat.

You’ve been through tough times before and you know what it takes – take your pick from this line of waterproof work boots that keep up with whatever challenges come your way, no matter how dire they might be.

More than just water resistance, though – these work clothes are also resistant to bleach corrosion and other fluids so whatever happens during the day stays where it belongs for tomorrow’s next step forward.

Rockport Men's Boots
Rockport Men’s Boots

PAQOZKC Lightweight Safety Shoes

The PAQOZKC Lightweight Safety Shoes are tough and yet so light you barely notice them on your feet. They come with a steel toe cap and industrial-grade rubber soles for outstanding protection and sturdy walking. Wear these no matter what type of work you do – construction, factory work, delivery service, cutting hair…you name it!

Product description: You know those days when your feet hurt as soon as you put them down? The whole day is just too much to bear. Thank goodness the PAQOZKC Lightweight Safety Shoes exist! These high top shoes use industrial grade rubber outsoles to protect against slippery surfaces at work or simply around the house.

Whether you’re a construction worker on the roof of a skyscraper, or just want to navigate those uneven sidewalks in style, these safety shoes from PAQOZKC will help you stay upright.

PAQOZKC Lightweight Safety Shoes
PAQOZKC Lightweight Safety Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you keep your feet from sweating in boots?

  1. Wear moisture-wicking socks to reduce sweat
  2. Use powder or antiperspirant on your feet before putting on boots
  3. Put a sock over the top of your boot to keep it in place and prevent rubbing against sweaty skin
  4. Change socks regularly and wear cotton socks instead of wool ones if possible
  5. Try using foot powders or sprays that contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate, which is an ingredient found in many deodorants
  6. Avoid wearing tight shoes like high heels as they can make sweating worse by cutting off circulation to the feet

Do waterproof work boots make your feet sweat?

It depends on the material of the boot. If you’re wearing a waterproof work boot that isn’t lined with another material, then your feet will most likely sweat. Why? It simply keeps your foot’s natural passage against the pressure of your sock and seal out any cold air.

This is like putting on one giant plastic bag over your sock to protect it. Unfortunately, this also traps all humidity inside so it doesn’t escape at the same rate.

That being said, if you have a work shoe made from other materials–such as leather–then you likely won’t experience sweating in quite the same way because they are breathable at least underneath their outer layer while still providing protection against water or moisture coming in from outside sources.

What stops your feet from sweating?

Feet sweat less than the rest of your body due to a high concentration of nerve endings in the foot.

Typically feet see more normal sweating, which means that these sweat pores tend to stay on around for longer periods without being blocked up or filled up with dead skin cells and such.

A heavy dose of stimulation on the sole of the foot will quickly produce copious amounts of fluid, so there is no shortage in creating it when necessary.

The aforementioned would also mean that these fluids can then evacuate from your feet quicker if need be–though this has not been recorded as a major defense against heat exhaustion in a clinical setting.

Why do my feet sweat so much in my work boots?

The primary factor is moisture. If your feet sweat a lot, they are producing a lot of moisture. In sandals or slippers, this sweat evaporates quickly and is barely noticeable because there’s nothing to wick it up the fabric and keep it close to your skin.

In water proof shoes, the evaporation process is greatly slowed down–which makes sweating worse by trapping the wet fabric against your skin for a longer period of time with little chance of evaporation.

The second factor is too-tight shoes that pinch your toes or compress your ankles; by squeezing those pores on your skin together (pores from which sweat glands emanate profusely).

How do I stop my feet from smelling in work boots?

The key to stopping any foot odor is giving your feet time to breathe and sweat off bacteria and fungus. Simply letting air circulate in the boots will help. Night socks, which are liners for your work boots that offer a full sock that comes up to about mid-calf, can be specially treated with antifungal properties.
All you really need to do is buy some night socks, such as those made by Smartwool or Thorlo CoolMax Socks; put them on each day before putting the work boots on; and then allow them see the sun (or solar lamp) all day at work – this likely means taking your shoes off during lunch break (unless it’s too hot outside for prolonged exposure).

Why do my feet sweat and smell so bad?

Sweat itself doesn’t cause any odor, but the sweat can transfer bacteria that causes any feet with an unpleasant smell.

Another common cause of foot odor is tinea pedis (which is also known as athlete’s foot). The disease causes scaling and cracking on the top surface of the feet, which opens a pathway for dirt and bacteria to enter and be trapped in between.

The result can be a smellier-than-normal foot – which you might notice more when wearing shoes or socks for a long period of time.
Lastly, diabetes can lead to poor circulation in your extremities – what doctors call peripheral neuropathy – so if this sounds like you it could be contributing to sweaty feet syndrome.

Tips of How do I stop moisture in my shoes?

  1. Change your socks more often
  2. Keep your feet dry by wearing the right shoes for the weather
  3. Wear two pairs of socks to keep moisture away from your feet
  4. Try using a shoe deodorizer that will help neutralize any odors in your shoes
  5. Store footwear on shelves or racks, not on the floor where it can collect dirt and debris
  6. Clean off any dirt or dust before storing them so they won’t get all over other items


I would say that shoes are worth anything if they are comfortable for your feet. Buying the best boots doesn’t guarantee that your feet will be happy. If they are not, then you have just wasted money on an item that may have made them slightly more comfortable but did nothing to try to resolve its cause.

Of course, I can’t know what type of boot is right for your specific needs without knowing what you need so please feel free to message me privately with any questions about this or other topics related to footwear or shoeloving in general!

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