20 Best Work Boots for Delivery Drivers Fedex and UPS (2021)

Best Work Boots for Delivery Drivers Fedex and UPS

Delivery drivers are always on the go. They have to deliver packages all day long, which means they must be comfortable and sturdy in order to drive long distances. Work boots for delivery drivers should provide comfort while still being able to withstand anything that’s thrown at it – whether it’s rain or snow.

UPS also requires their employees wear work boots, so read below for what qualities make up a good pair of work boots for these professionals!

A common misconception is that work boots are meant for the construction worker. These heavy-duty shoes often come with steel toes and a heel counter to help protect against slips and falls on slippery surfaces.

However, they can also be found in retail stores all over America where workers who do not need steel toe protection wear them every day.
Delivery drivers, UPS drivers, postal service employees, maintenance workers, landscapers-all of these professions require some form of footwear that provides safety from water or oil spills as well as weatherproofing when working outdoors.

Boots are great because they offer more protection than sneakers but are still light enough to make it easy to walk long distances without injury.

Benefits Work Boots for Delivery Drivers and UPS:

  1. Work boots are designed to protect your feet from the hazards of driving or walking on uneven surfaces
  2. You can find work boots that are water-resistant, which will keep you dry in inclement weather
  3. The soles of work boots have a slip resistance tread pattern that helps prevent accidents and injuries
  4. Work boots also come with steel toe caps for protection against heavy objects falling on your foot
  5. There is an extra layer of insulation to help maintain warmth when it’s cold outside
  6. Most work boot brands offer different styles so you can find one that suits your needs best!

Things to consider before buying Work Boots for Delivery Drivers and UPS:

  1. Consider the terrain and weather in your area
  2. Determine if you walk or drive to work
  3. Think about how much time you spend on your feet each day at work
  4. Measure the width of the shoe with a measuring tape
  5. Try on different boots to make sure they fit well and feel comfortable
  6. Get a pair that is waterproof for rain, snow, and wet pavement conditions

Blackrock Black Leather Work Safety Boots for Ups Drivers

These Blackrock Black Leather Work Safety Chukka Boots with Steel Toe Caps and Midsole come in a natural black leather, but they also make great riding boots. They have an elastic lace ribbon for quick on and off wear.

The steel toe caps gives you all the protection you need, while the midsole cushions your stride from heel to toe – perfect for long days out there delivering packages!

These men’s work boots provide versatility thanks to their oil resistant rubber lug soles that are both high traction and create less noise. Get these Ironclad Men’s Safety Chukka Boot today before they sell out or take a peek at our women’s safety riding flat/boot options as well!

-Warning: don’t wear these without eight hours of sleep, a light breakfast and any other responsibilities you may have taken on today. Pushing through will make the blood pool in your feet and really limit your ability to move effectively.

The steel toe caps are guaranteed to do anything but keeping you safe. Granted, if they manage to keep your other toes safe too, that’s an added bonus!

-Yikes With the Blackrock black leather work safety chukka boots with steel toe caps and midsoles, walking around barefoot is now impossible.

It’s not just because of the stylish design that makes it impossible for all those pesky ants under your bed or dirt about town to taint this fashion statement.

Blackrock Black Leather Work Safety Boots for Ups Drivers
Blackrock Black Leather Work Safety Boots for Ups Drivers

Black Hammer Men’s Safety Boots

The comfort-rated safety boot by shoe experts, Black Hammer is tailored for all your working needs. A steel toe cap equips you with protection against any type of impact, the lightweight design prevents fatigue during long working hours, and even provides natural cushioning to make it comfortable enough to walk for hours on end!

The water resistant leather made sure that these shoes will stay dry no matter what weather conditions greet you outside. Straps work hard at securing the foot inside with arch support and provide targeted ankle protection with complete mobility in mind. It’s clear that this isn’t just a pair of boots; it’s an experience!

Black Hammer Mens Safety Boots are the ultimate safety boots for big jobs. They’re made from tough leather that’ll protect your toes, and steel caps on the tips of the toes to protect your feet.

The soles are thick enough to have excellent insulation against punctures by sharp objects you could step on at work.

And finally, they conform tightly around every other part of your foot so there’s little chance you’ll slip or fall when walking or running across slippery surfaces like ice. These shoes are baddasses – but will also keep you light on your feet!


Steel toe cap is protective and stylish. Footwear meets all OSHA requirements, providing safety in the workplace. Boots come in a variety of sizes and widths. Lightweight Mens Safety Boots provide protection and comfort for anyone on their feet all day long.

Excellent treading provides grip in slippery conditions like snow or rain when you’re out at work or play! Giving your legs muscles relief from fatigue when they spend too much time carrying your body weight around the 12 hours per day?

Think about these amazing boots to add versatility to your wardrobe! These Black Hammer Men’s Safety Boots will take you anywhere without any slipping, sliding, skidding, screeching wheel sliding sideways off curbs.

Black Hammer Men's Safety Boots
Black Hammer Men’s Safety Boots

Earth Works Safety

Ever spent the day at your construction site and your feet took a beating? I’ve got you covered. Earth Works Safety has got safety in their name for a reason.

Rickety ladders, uneven ground, and unpredictable terrain can make everyday tasks hazardous, but these work boots will provide puncture-proof material to protect your ankle from fallen debris while maintaining high elasticity to keep you moving all day long.

These brown lace up work boots also include adjustable speed hooks that allow for quick ball of foot adjustment without removing footwear and replaceable soles that promote slip resistance and stability on any surface (allowing for ease in transitions from concrete flooring to smooth pavement).

Earth Works ankle boots are made with high-quality, 100% leather outsole and are lined with super-soft pigskin. They come in an array of colors that can be worn season after season.

These lace up boots excel for work or the weekend weather changes that happen throughout the year. The Tarsal Pads take care of all your heel pressure points to ensure a more comfortable stride.

Earth Works Safety
Earth Works Safety

Scruffs Men’s Titan Black Construction Boot

Uppers are man-made materials. Lining and insole are both made of leather. Rubber outsole is resistant to oil, grease, acid or alkali with good abrasion resistance to prolong the life of the boots.

Gore-Tex lining for all day waterproof protection. Molded EVA footbed has arch support that cushions your feet when you’re on your feet all day long!

Heavy duty, non-slip work boots are perfect for construction jobs. They have extra protection on the toes to keep them from getting banged up during that long day’s work.

Not only does this material offer great support that feels sturdy yet cushy under your feet but it also has an antistatic property to help prevent pesky static electric shocks so workers don’t have to worry about being zapped while navigating metal beams in a sky high building.

With plenty of room for additional inserts or insoles so you can adjust the arch strap and buckle design, these shoes live up to their reputation as one of the toughest and longest lasting on the market today.

Scruffs Men's Titan Black Construction Boot
Scruffs Men’s Titan Black Construction Boot

Safety Shoes for Men Steel Toe Trainers

Every man needs a pair of safety shoes in his closet. But not all safety shoes are created equally. Don’t waste your time and money on an unsafe shoe that won’t protect you when you need it most.

Choose this sleek, durable steel-toe work shoe with breathable mesh and water repellent leather with steel toed protection and traction grippers on the bottom for optimal grip. These lightweight style has soft insoles and flexible metal reinforces so they last long even with extreme use! Come in Black or brown!

This is the best work shoe for men. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and it comes with steel toe which can keep your feet safe. This has an anti slip sole that will protect you at all times. If you don’t like feeling squished by your shoes, these are great because they come in various sizes including small (5), medium (7) and large (8).

Safety Shoes for Men Steel Toe Trainers
Safety Shoes for Men Steel Toe Trainers

DYKHMILY Steel Toe Safety Shoes

DYKHMILY’s Steel Toe Safety Shoes are both comfortable and stylish. The slip resistant outsole makes it easier to walk on surfaces with water, oil, or ice without slipping or falling no matter the time of day or current weather conditions.

The reflective panels at the heel raise safety awareness in low-light areas to help prevent vehicle collisions, pedestrian crashes, and work site accidents.

These shoes are waterproof for those who prefer not to wear high-heeled boots; they also offer foot protection for people with medical issues like diabetes. And don’t worry about size! Extra width is available if your feet need a bit more room (they even come in half sizes!).

You could do worse than DYKHMILY Steel Toe Safety Shoes: lightweight breathable slipped resistant anti-piercing slip boots with reflective strips to keep you safe at night. Just kidding–these boots protect just as well during the day!

Pros: Keeps your feet safe with its steel toe design; light weight with breathable air mesh

Cons: These don’t come in sizes 12 or 13 or 14?

DYKHMILY Steel Toe Safety Shoes
DYKHMILY Steel Toe Safety Shoes

Scruffs Men’s Twister Safety Boots

Men want practicality in their footwear, but they also want style. These boots are made for men who need a tough pair of boots that will protect them from harm without being too heavy or protective looking. Stay safe, look good.

Scruffs Men’s Twister Safety Boots Sandstone 8 UK go for $120 and come in a variety of sizes. The pros are the heavy duty leather, steel toe cap boots with rubber soles, and anti-static textile lining. The cons? It would be nice if they ended up at the bottom of your wardrobe instead of on top where you continually trip over them!

Scruffs Men's Twister Safety Boots
Scruffs Men’s Twister Safety Boots

GRINDER Safety Twin Gusset Dealer Boot

Spend your work hours with ease, wearing this durable brown leather safety boot. With two width fittings and a built-in steel toe cap, you’ll be able to grind for years without having to worry about feeling unsafe or uncomfortable at the end of the day.

Gritters, the worst part about being a Pennsylvania-based dealer is having to brave winter weather in boots that can’t even handle a little snow. Before you get stranded on your way home from work because of icy conditions or slammed against a wall because your leather soles got slippery, try out our grinder safety twin gusset dealer boot – you’ll be able to grind until dawn if need be!

GRINDER Safety Twin Gusset Dealer Boot
GRINDER Safety Twin Gusset Dealer Boot

Dr. Martens Dealer Boot

The grinders you’ve always wanted. We’ve updated the inside of our boot to keep your foot insulated and comfortable for all-day wear, but still took care to put in a steel toe cap and Torinse Overshoe towards the heel. Paired with a padded cuff and laces made wide enough for work around machinery, this is one product that’s hard not to love!

Enter the Dr. Martens DM Docs Torness ST S1P Steel Toe Cap Black Leather Safety Boots PPE boot! Hold on – there’s more than just safety! These boots are not only safety-conscious, but they’re also fashionable and comfortable.

The drab coloring will keep you hidden in the season while the trendy design keeps them top-of-mind when it comes to footwear options during this time of year.

These steel toe cap boots even come with anti-slip rubber outsoles so you can feel steady no matter what surface is below your feet (you know, should ice ever tax your patience).

Dr. Martens Dealer Boot
Dr. Martens Dealer Boot

Himalayan Dealer Boot

It’s not without its issues. Toe caps are steel, which means they’re heavy and could dent an average shoe box (which is admittedly somewhat of a downside), but you’ll be well protected in pickle fights because your steel toes would straight up murder anyone who tried to steal your jar of delicious gherkins.

This boot has quite the personality-can’t take it anywhere near water, though. It can slip on wet floors if people don’t leave puddles just for you!

The laces always come undone. If this is your first pair of boots or discomfort is something that never bothers you much, then these might be the perfect fit for someone with foot problems like hammertoes or fallen arches!

Are you an experienced outdoor enthusiast who needs the best treads to stand the wear and tear of nature like gravel, sand, or mud? Are you a worker who’s on their feet all day or someone headed into construction sites that need to be surefooted?

We have options! Look at these awesome Himalayan dealer boot ‘s. With 2600 S1P snow rated protection, steel toe cap to keep your toes safe, and black leather accents–you’re going to feel fierce wearing them around town!

Himalayan Dealer Boot
Himalayan Dealer Boot

Click Workwear Men’s

You know what they say, there are no shortcuts to success. The Click Workwear Men’s Nubuck Leather Lightweight Chukka Safety Work Boot is the shoe that puts in all your leg work for you.

You’ve probably heard about how these boots are great for walking miles nonstop without breaking a sweat, but here are some other great benefits of this amazing footwear:
Maybe you’re rough on shoes?

This boot is virtually indestructible – even if you wear them every day and need to take extra care with your feet than others so the ball-of-foot area can be replaced once or twice during their lifetime. If leather doesn’t suit you fancy, fear not!

Strong people have been found to be at risk for chronic occupational stress because they tend to internalize their feelings about work pressure with greater intensity than those who do not.

In this sense, our Nubuck leather boots provide relief from the pain of an 8-hour shift – especially if you’re standing most of the day. The durability and lightweight provides comfort after a hard day at work or before a long hike up Mt Everest 13 years in a row -stiff ankles only 10%.

A cushioned footbed provides plenty of comfort, while the flexible rubber sole is durable enough for just about any ground underfoot. Plus? Made in America by people who love their jobs!

Pros: Keeps your toes warm and dry; comfortable; made in America (by people who like their jobs)

Cons: Wearing these shoes could make your job or hobby at risk

Click Workwear Men's
Click Workwear Men’s

Gainsera Safety Boots Men‘s

If you want a lightweight, breathable work boot that looks great and won’t cost an arm and a leg, check out the Gainsera Safety Boots Men Women Lightweight Work Boots with Steel Toe Cap Breathable Kevlar Safety Shoes Trainers Puncture Proof Comfy Work Shoes A Black 38.

They will keep your feet cool and dry because they’re made from quality leathers to prevent rapid heat buildup in summer months. They come in black or brown!

The steel toe cap adds protection against blunt impacts while ensuring there’s plenty of room to accommodate your regular footwear. You can use them for rough jobs like demolition or even milder ones such as gardening so long as there is no metal present on either the ground surface or plants.

Spend time on your feet without any distractions with these light weight work boots that are durable enough to take the wear and tear of everyday life! These protective, high-quality boots come complete with steel toe caps for increased protection against impacts, breathable Kevlar material to keep your feet comfortable all day long, and an anti-slip outsole so you can stay steady on uneven surfaces. Wear them casually or dress them up for a special occasion!

Gainsera Safety Boots Men's
Gainsera Safety Boots Men‘s

V12 V1231 Rawhide Boots Men for Ups Drivers

Rawhide Full Grain Leather Safety Boots are unmatched in quality and safety. The V12 boots for men are great if you’re an UPS driver who’s looking for unrivaled protection. If you’re someone, like me, who wants to get your feet wet with rawhide leather, these boots allow you the flexibility you need while still helping keep your feet safe. They’re not meant for running around town or playing sports but they do offer great feel sensitivity—unlike synthetic alternatives!

Your new V12 Men’s Rawhide Boots are made of full-grain leather and have a safety toe which means this pair will be perfect for securing oneself when you’re climbing up the ladder! They’ll also keep your feet so warm on chilly northern nights, but not too warm during your summer break down seasons.

V12 V1231 Rawhide Boots Men for Ups Drivers
V12 V1231 Rawhide Boots Men for Ups Drivers

JCB – Men’s Boots

You want to attach a positive tone with this product, but there are some downsides. You could say that these boots are perfect if you’re on your feet all day, or that they offer both style and function.

Plus the soles will provide better balance across uneven surfaces while keeping you protected from slips, trips and falls. However, there is some stitching quality issue for leather material on some pairs of shoes.

Another potential downside would be the lace up structure, which might not work for everyone depending on style preferences though the laces make it easy to tighten or loosen depending on level of activity required by your job.

Pros: Durable and water-resistant.

Cons: They don’t come in half sizes so you’ll need to order a size up or down and keep your eyes open for exchanges!

JCB - Men's Boots
JCB – Men’s Boots

PAQOZKC Safety Shoes

If you’re looking for something to protect your feet and make them as comfy as possible, then these are the best PAQOZKC Safety Shoes Trainers men boots! From walking on dusty ground at construction sites all day to the hazards of living in areas susceptible to natural disasters like earthquakes and flooding, you can never be too careful.

The steel toe cap will keep those little toesies protected by these comfortable safety shoes that come with durable soles that offer the perfect foundation of stability.

Breathe easy knowing your lower limb is wearing a work shoe designed by professionals who know what it takes to get ahead. With their light weight material and high top design, they’ll have no trouble being water resistant from getting soaked from rain.

You’ll have a hard time finding another work shoe that might beat PAQOZKC Men’s safety boots. With their puncture-proof caps and amazingly comfy design, not to mention the lightweight steel toes, these shoes will keep you safe at all times!


  • Puncture resistant! Steel toe caps ensure your feet are protected if something should happen.
  • Lightweight for all day wear
  • Stable soles help prevent slips and falls
  • Comfortable – breathable materials mean no sweaty feet after long days of walking Heavy duty stitching – no seams bursting or weak spots
  • Easy on/off laces make changing clothes faster than ever before Unique styling means they look great with anything

Cons: Maybe too stylish?

PAQOZKC Safety Shoes
PAQOZKC Safety Shoes

LARNMERN Men’s Work Safety Boots

LARNMERN Mens Work Safety Boots: The LARNMERN MENS WORK SAFETY BOOTS – LM-202 Steel Toe SRC Casual Breathable Outdoor Protection Trainers Industrial and Construction Shoes, is a great addition to any workday. Although it’s not the most stylish choice in the market, this shoe has everything you need for work!

Aside from your feet staying comfortable with these safety boots, they’re also waterproof and offer high levels of comfort as well as protection against electric shock. Your toes are safe too–steel toe design protects them from hard falls or heavy objects that could damage them.

It’s not easy to find good work boots – so imagine the relief when you finally see them on your desk. You know they’ll be comfy and tough, with comfortable breathability and eye-catching durability. New and improved over time and up for any task. All that waiting has left us a little edgy: we’re dangerous to work around – but don’t worry – we won’t bite if we’re provoked!

LARNMERN Men's Work Safety Boots
LARNMERN Men’s Work Safety Boots

YISIQ Safety Shoes for Delivery Drivers

These safety shoes have been specifically designed for delivery drivers. Whether you deliver food late at night, or need a heavier boot for parcels, these shoes are perfect. They’re made from a light and comfortable fabric that will keep your feet cool while being durable enough to protect them from glass and other hazards on the sidewalk.

The uppers have breathable holes to avoid excessive sweatiness while the soles have steel toes so they can stand up against any threat – be it running into an animal trap or just standing in water puddles which come with the job!


  • A new, light weight pair of safety shoes are perfect for the high-energy individual who needs protection on their feet while engaging in strenuous activities
  • The tech low top design with an elastic closure system makes these shoes not only functional but stylish too.
  • What’s more, they’re made to be durable and long lasting – that is why you can put your trust into YISIQ! You won’t have to worry about buying another shoe again when these ones do all the heavy lifting.
  • Cons:
YISIQ Safety Shoes for Delivery Drivers
YISIQ Safety Shoes for Delivery Drivers

Groundwork Men’s Work Shoes for Delivery Drivers

SLIP ON GLOVE WALK OF SHAME – Groundwork Men’s Work Slip On Chelsea Dealer Safety Boots Protective Steel Toe Cap. The sneakers you don’t want to wear because it’s the only alternative, but what would you know about safety?

Now your takeaway can be just that easy. Add Grubhub and Seamless immediately after work, get home at midnight reeking of sweat, stale beer-breath or whatever 6 hour shift workers get all day long, then get into bed next to your .

SO who will probably pretend she understands while grimacing like she doesn’t really want to understand her loved one anymore… it’s time for this night to end once and for all.

The all-black, durable work boots are for those who need to get down to business. Extra cushioned soles make these good for any occasion.


*A stylish work shoe

*Great for working with other people

*Super duper comfortable if you’re on your feet the whole day

Groundwork Men's Work Shoes for Delivery Drivers
Groundwork Men’s Work Shoes for Delivery Drivers

Frequently Asked Questions:

What boots do UPS drivers wear?

These days, most UPS drivers wear regular work boots. Some wear Timberland shoes. And a few still choose to wear a pair of brown, leather cowboy boots with a matching belt and hat that they feel will make them look more flattering as they’re going up to your door.

Do UPS drivers need steel toe boots?

UPS drivers are required to have steel toe boots, which protects the foot from injuries that could result from heavy packages being dropped on or kicked off their feet. In addition, they must also wear a UPS shirt and hat while working for UPS in order to signify that they’re employees of the company.

They may choose to wear different clothes if they’re making deliveries locally within a 25-mile radius of the driver’s home, but otherwise it is required apparel for all drivers who work at least 20% time delivering for UPS.

What kind of shoes should I wear for delivery?

The best option for delivery is shoes that are slip resistant.

This is to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls on wet or greasy floors, which can lead to injuries if you happen to be carrying heavy packages at the same time! You may also want some ankle-high or higher non-skid booties just in case. For any number of reasons, it’s typically not recommended to wear flats when delivering packages.

Does Fedex need boots?

Yes, fedex delivers things all over the United States and because of that they may occasionally run into dirt roads. Boots would help protect their uniforms from getting dirty.

FedEx is a global leader in package delivery, and as such they may sometimes be faced with unpaved roads or other hazards that would cause an employee’s boots to become dirty.

For example, we might find our FedEx driver having to maneuver out through fields and pastures on their way to deliver packages in rural America – boots would help protect both their car and any potential deliveries from becoming coated with mud or otherwise soiled during the process!

Do you need work boots for UPS?

Yes. You need steel-toed work boots for UPS, USPS, or any other freight carrier that requires safety shoes.

Some people think that if you are just doing “light” work at the warehouse then you don’t actually need work boots – this is not true!

Even if your job mainly involves walking around picking up packages and packing them in bins, you still should wear footwear designed for real work – safety shoes to be specific .

If all your coworkers are wearing safety shoes then it sets the tone for others who might still think they’re slacking off by just wearing sneakers to do light labor.


These are actually not just work boots for drivers, they’re even better–they’re safety boots. The steel toe is about the only thing that’s different about them besides the bright orange color.

Aside from being a bit heavy to start with, they have great traction so it doesn’t matter if you’re up on your toes or standing flat footed while working in wet conditions. I preferred wearing these rain or shine since my job had me running around pretty dang often and I couldn’t always avoid stepping on some puddles or ditches by accident!

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