20 Best Waterproof Work Boots for Construction (2021)

Best Waterproof Work Boots for Construction

Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in America and UK. However, they can take steps to protect themselves from injury by wearing safety gear and using proper work practices.

For instance, construction workers should wear waterproof boots that offer protection against chemicals and water when working outdoors. In addition, these types of boots are often made to be slip-resistant so they keep your feet safe on a wet surface or if you need to walk across a slippery floor in a restaurant kitchen.

The benefits of wearing waterproof boots for construction safety include: protection from chemicals and water damage, providing slip resistance in wet environments, making sure your feet stay warm during cold weather conditions.

Benefits of Waterproof Work Boots:

  1. Boots are waterproof, making them perfect for working in wet conditions
  2. Boots can be insulated to keep feet warm during cold weather
  3. Boots come with steel toes and other protective features for increased safety on the job site
  4. Boots are lightweight so you won’t get tired carrying heavy objects all day long
  5. A wide variety of boots are available to fit your specific needs – some have rubber soles while others have leather or composite soles that don’t require any maintenance at all
  6. Some boots even come equipped with reflective material for added visibility when it’s dark outside

Tips of How to Choose Waterproof Work Boots before Buying

  1. Know your needs
  2. Consider the environment where you’ll be working
  3. Choose a style that matches your personal taste
  4. Fit is important, so try on different boots to find one that’s comfortable and provides the right level of support for your feet
  5. Price can vary greatly depending on brand, features, and materials used in construction
  6. Be sure to wear them around before buying – most stores offer a trial period with free returns if they don’t work out for you!

Best Waterproof Work Boots for Construction

Amblers FS430 Orca S3 Waterproof

With a steel toe and waterproof membrane, this is the perfect pair of safety boots for keeping you treading water in both bad weather and tough conditions.  

Their lightweight design means they’re comfortable for all-day wear, but they still pack a serious punch with a non-slip sole that ensures grip on slick surfaces.

-They’re light and versatile, making them a good choice for those who don’t want anything too heavy or restrictive on their feet.
-It’s also worth noting that they are made to be water resistant so you never have to worry about getting your work boots wet.
-$200 might seem like a lot, but these boots come with two upper layers of protection against the hazards typically found in industrial environments.

Amblers FS430 Orca S3 Waterproof
Amblers FS430 Orca S3 Waterproof

Black Hammer Men’s Safety Boots

You get more than just a serviceable shoe at a low price with these boots––you also get durable construction made to withstand harsh working conditions without sacrificing comfort.

The lightweight design means you won’t break your back while wearing them from one end of the job site to another and their steel toe caps add an extra layer of protection when you’re on slippery surfaces or near heavy machinery that can produce dangerous sparks.

Though commonplace among safety boots for men, these stylish shoes may be too rich for some budgets due to investment in premium materials and the purchase pays off in superior quality footwear that will last years longer!

Black Hammer Mens Safety Boots are the perfect choice for those who don’t mind getting their toes wet. Made with 100% leather and steel toe cap, these boots will last you until your retirement (when you’ll need to be wearing some more fashionable shoes).


High quality non-slip soles – means that even if it’s raining, these are just as slippery as regular black boots!

Cheap price point for high quality

Aesthetically pleasing minimalist design


Sadly not recommended for those without a sense of humour

Black Hammer Men's Safety Boots
Black Hammer Men’s Safety Boots

DeWalt Nickel Black Waterproof Boots

We all want to keep our feet nice and dry, especially in the cold weather. That being said, these boots from DeWalt are perfect for the job! These black boots have a waterproof lining so they can keep your shoes warm and dry inside while you stay warm outside with them!

They’re made of tough leather that just screams durability. With a rubber sole, few pairs will also leak out harmful chemicals into the ground beneath you when not directly next to a drain or water source.

These classy DeWalt Nickel Black Waterproof Boots will keep your toes toasty and dry when you’re out in the rain. They’ll also protect you from pesky unpleasant splashes of puddles, ensuring that you can wear these even if it’s just for a walk to grab some groceries!

And while they might not be fashionable Mr. DeWalt is here to reassure you that style is great but function should always come first.

DeWalt Nickel Black Waterproof Boots
DeWalt Nickel Black Waterproof Boots

Rock Fall RF540 Waterproof Boots

Rock Fall RF540 Monzonite high protection boots are perfect for whatever mud, dirt, or rocks your feet need to kick into . With a protective lace-up style that gives you the best foot support and an abrasion-resistant sole that will shrug off all obstacles without wearing out on you these cool shoes have all the comfort outdoorsman could ask for.

Not only is it lightweight but also waterproof with seam sealed construction sopping up any water trying to make its way inside.

Metatarsal protection for a sturdy and stable paddle through the water.

Heavy duty rubber elevated seams that provide good grip to keep you steady after rain, snow or firefighting.

The elastic ankle cuff provides excellent arch-supporting strength which means you’re ready for all day wear.

Shock absorbing EVA midsole reduces shock up to 33% which leaves your joints feeling fresh and happy!

Smaller sizes available, women’s sizes too!”


Sizes run big – order 1 size smaller than normalSize 14 – Length 13 3/4Width 9 3/8Length – 10” Width 5 1/2

Rock Fall RF540 Waterproof Boots
Rock Fall RF540 Waterproof Boots

DEWALT Men’s Titanium Safety Boots

Weighing in around 1/2 of a pound, the Titanium Boots work hard to protect your feet. Sturdy sole protects you from hazards on the ground and is slip resistant.

Steel toes are covered with metal for protection against overhanging objects that may crush your toes or step on them, all while remaining non-conductive.

They’re made of top grain leather with full coverage elastic below the ankle to hold up well under abuse – just because they’re tough doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be comfortable!

Durable, sturdy, long-lasting. Invisible grip rubber on the soles for slip resistance. Comes in a wide range of widths and sizes to fit any man’s needs.

Wear them while you work– DEWALT Men’s Titanium Safety Boots will be by your side every step of the way!

DEWALT Men's Titanium Safety Boots
DEWALT Men’s Titanium Safety Boots

Himalayan 5206, Men’s Safety Boots

Sometimes, the old-fashioned tools like boots are made better. We have a pair of men’s safety boots that have been proven to be helpful for years and this is why we recommend them. Well, it’s because they will help you get things done!

Aside from being extremely functional and reliable in their job, one of the best aspects about these boots can’t be seen just by looking at them. The thing is – they’re beautiful too! They come in black with a glossy finish that gives your wardrobe an edge when it comes to dressing up or down.

These stylish footwear pieces also convert into clogs or slippers so you can get more use out of them around the house while keeping your feet comfy enough.

PRO: The Himalayan Men’s Safety Boot was built to offer the protection and reliability that you need for your job. We’re confident enough in it to provide a 5-year warranty.

CON: You’ll need clearance from the doctor before we send these bad boys to you, because unlike regular work boots, they don’t have any room for an orthopedic insert or insoles.

Himalayan 5206, Men's Safety Boots
Himalayan 5206, Men’s Safety Boots

Amblers Safety AS440 Adults Waterproof Safety Boot

These safety boots are made to keep the water out. They’re sure to be perfect for outdoor work, gardening, or driving with the window open! Occasionally spritz with Flea and Tick (or your favorite brand) to stop insects from hitching a ride inside.

Well padded heel is great for protection against accidental impact on hard surfaces, unfortunate steps in puddles outside of barbershops, or public transit delays. Extremely lightweight design is easy enough so you can tackle any terrain comfortably.

Rubber traction soles will give you the traction needed if things get slippery around construction sites.

The Amblers Safety AS440 Adults Waterproof Safety Boot is not for the faint of heart. When you’re on an old boat, leering over sludge waves with alligators lurking just below the surface, it’s best to have a reliable shoe that will keep you afloat.

The sole is made out of rubber and steel so no matter what pits or lacerations could make life-threatening impacts, your feet are protected. These boots are waterproofing up to 6 inches deep in water for up to 15 minutes at a time.

They provide insulation from temperature extremes with their vulcanized soles, which stabilizes climate inside the boot while providing protection against chemicals because they are resistant to oil-based substances like gasoline and kerosene.

Amblers Safety AS440 Adults Waterproof Safety Boot
Amblers Safety AS440 Adults Waterproof Safety Boot

Dunlop Waterproof

For those occasions when you need to get out there and be a real man, these waterproof boots are for you. With breathable leather uppers that will stretch with every mile towards your goal, they’ll stay comfortable even on your longest hikes.

They have a polyurethane midsole which is both lightweight and flexible, so the first time you wear them out of the store feels no different than the hundredth time on some rough terrain.

The rubber outsoles help with grip on slippery surfaces as well as enhancing lightning effects from your latest Lightning Bolt slippers from our proprietary partners Nike.

Pros: Comfortable and durable, these boots offer fantastic grip and high ankles for stability. Ideal for trips down hiking trails and long paths.

Good for heavy mud and water as well as light snow. The lining is waterproof, meaning you won’t have to worry about wet feet after your hike; we guarantee they’ll dry out in no time with the powdered thermo-grip technology.

The inside lining of these boots is made from Nappa leather, which is soft and durable. Thanks to the tops of the boots using a 3mm rubber bottom, your feet will stay dry all day long and you’ll also be protected against any possible slips or falls. Finally, we thought these looked great so we had to share them with you guys!

Cons: These boots don’t offer any arch support or cushioning on the soles, which can be uncomfortable if you’re used to wearing shoes that offer those features (you know who you are!). Also, they run a little small; make sure to order a full size bigger than what you usually wear!

Dunlop Waterproof
Dunlop Waterproof


SKECHERS Men’s LEDOM Ankle Boot is a casual yet sophisticated sneaker. It features a color changing insole and light up heel with 2 settings: Basic and Flashy (flashy setting occasionally glows different colors). The whole shoe is black, with the exception of the front that has an army green accent around the tongue.

The Pros: This pair of shoes keep your feet cozy on these cold days while also making you look good at night! Naturally, when anyone sees it they’ll be asking where you got such wonderful gears from. All I can say is- “I got them at SKECHERS.” These shoes are perfect for short walks to really wear in those long winter months ahead.

The water bottle falls out of my purse halfway between campus and back home, and I can’t cram enough calories to keep up with this city. Sometimes life is tiring. That’s okay, because all you have to do is put on these LEDOM Ankle Boots to feel energized again.

These men’s shoes are equipped with a Bluetooth speaker that connect quickly via your phone or tabii pad – just sync-up either device using the SKECHERS Connect app, hit shuffle so it’ll play music continuously until you reach your destination, set them to ‘Happy Mode’, turn on Steptronic™’s unlimited power boost feature so they’ll automatically light up.


Northwest Ankle Boot

Tired of getting your sock wet? Sweaty feet? Painful corns and calluses refusing to go away even after expensive treatments, antibiotics, changing your shoes and socks more frequently than you change out of your underwear?

Search no longer: the Northwest Territory Inuvik boot is for you! Our leather boots provide weather-safe insulation that’s difficult to come by. These shoes won’t let any water in – we’ve got two layers on the inside and a thick protective lining on the outside.

This boot might not be breathable (considering there are like five layers between your skin and anything else), but at least they’ll keep your feet dry when it’s raining sideways or snowing sideways or pouring nonstop from invisible pedestrian sprink.

The North West Ankle Boot is built to withstand the harshest conditions. On your choice of ground, these workhorses will shepherd you safely and securely through all types of terrain.

The heavy duty sole provides extra protection from sharp rocks and sticks like a glove protecting your foot inside, but what about the boot itself?

These high rise style boots boast a leather upper with no exposed edges for ultimate durability; if water gets in it cannot get into the seams that may open up over time causing the metal eyelets and hooks to rust – ruining them completely.

Northwest Ankle Boot
Northwest Ankle Boot

Amblers Safety Fs998C Safety Boot

Whether the Fs998C is for children working in construction zones, or adults in mining conditions, this safety boot will make sure they are safe above all else. The laces on these boots are designed to keep them secure even when wet, and allow kids to work just as hard!

This boot is perfect for those tough jobs, from construction to oil-city service. It’s a fashion trendsetter with a steel spike heel and ballistic nylon upper that makes it waterproof.

Boots that give you the protection and comfort of a tennis shoe.

Protection: our lighter material protects your feet without weighing them down with an inordinate amount of weight, which means it is possible to wear these all day long without breaking your back or getting blisters on your toes.

Comfort: lightweight materials and wide soles make these much more comfortable than other safety boots, allowing for little twists and turns when working quickly to get things done before running out of time.

Amblers Safety Fs998C Safety Boot
Amblers Safety Fs998C Safety Boot

Dickies Workwear Hiker FURY Safety Boot

Dickies Workwear Hiker FURY Safety Boots are cool to the max. But before you get them, know their pros and cons. The pro is that they make your feet feel like they’re in comfy socks all day.

And the con is that because of this, your feet sweat more than regular rubber shoe insoles (unless you’re wearing socks). So if you tend to stink easily, these might not be ideal for you- although you could try our Yaktrax or UGGS Keen Winter Collection boots instead!

With Dickies, the hardworking American contractor is sure of quality safety gear. Dickies workwear consists of high-quality products that provide protection and comfort to your feet for all your onsite needs.

Its innovative design will allow you to move around without any discomfort, ensuring a more productive day at work. This sturdy safety boot is built with full-grain leather material and oil resistant outsole to stand upright even in rugged terrain, letting you take on unique challenges with every step!

The steel toe meets ASTM standards and NIOSH carbon capping provides an enhanced coverage area for improved balance when working close to machinery or hazardous materials.

Dickies Workwear Hiker FURY Safety Boot
Dickies Workwear Hiker FURY Safety Boot

Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 Leather Waterproof Boots

The Ultimate Extreme Weather Protection – The most durable protection for weather conditions. Choose between the hip higher traction, or the easy pull nylon laces for more convenience.


•Made of high quality leather throughout

•Tabi soles are replaceable parts; when they wear out, you can fix them with ease!

•Provides top notch comfort that lasts all day long (even in extreme climates)

•Waterproof construction ensures that your toes stay dry. If they get dirty, it’s ok because they’re easily washable.

• Rubber soles make it good for winter weather; boots should dry quickly if they get wet

•Only comes in Men’s sizes.

• Lacks traction, which can make for slippery hikes – Very heavy (definitely not the best choice to carry around all day)

Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 Leather Waterproof Boots
Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 Leather Waterproof Boots

Grisport Men’s Contractor S3 Safety Boots 

These Grisport Men’s Contractor S3 Safety Boots have been constructed from high-quality leather and have a steel toe to protect your feet. They’re also waterproof and give you excellent grip for wet surfaces!


-High-quality materials, including leather and a steel toe

-Protection from hazardous footwear conditions such as water or grease spills -Outside is stylish with tough appearance

– perfect for the strong, rugged contractor

– Easy to slip on


-The boots aren’t insulated so they can feel cool in cold weather

These boots might just be the coolest thing on the market for construction workers who take their job seriously. They’re lightweight, stylish, and durable.

The pros of these safety boots are that they’ve been drop-tested so you know your feet will stay 100% safe. Plus they maintain a nice wide base so if you do happen to come up against any obstacles in construction work, your foot won’t twist or turn out of place!

The Cons are that because they are not steel-toed, it is possible for an individual’s toes to get caught between two slats or other boards while doing carpentry work.

Grisport Men's Contractor S3 Safety Boots 
Grisport Men’s Contractor S3 Safety Boots 

V12 V1255.01 Rocky IGS Waterproof

You never want to be about to do anything without your trusty, dependable Rocky boots. But don’t forget about the importance of water resistance! With these Rocky shoe working boots, you can avoid another rainy day blues because they are made with V12’s patented IGS system that seals out the water while keeping their original performance.

They also come in a variety of colors to suit your moods and outfit for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold outside—these will keep you feeling warm all season long!

These boots are everything you need for comfort and protection. They’re lightweight, comfortable, waterproof, and durable. You can wear them to work or out with friends; they look great either way!

  • The outer layer of the boot is made of full grain oiled leather for a strong defense against water, snow, dirt, and salt.
  • – Boots have 600 grams Primaloft insulation that wicks away moisture to keep your feet warm in winter conditions while maintaining breathability so your feet never feel clammy.
  • – This lining also has an antibacterial treatment so it won’t hold odor after extended use.
  • – A cushioned inner sole conforms to your foot shape for extra comfort while light weight construction helps lower fatigue during long hours on your feet.
V12 V1255.01 Rocky IGS Waterproof
V12 V1255.01 Rocky IGS Waterproof

Karrimor Bodmin Mid IV Weathertite Men’s Shoes

Getting out of the rainy weather is much easier with these shoes. The laces come up high to avoid pooling water, and the eyelets are reinforced to keep you safe from rain coming through there.

These shoes also have sturdy soles that can handle all types of terrain so you never feel like slipping on the mud or sliding around on ice. With so many features, these will be your go-to shoe for every situation!

One major drawback would be that it takes days for them to dry after getting wet because they’re made of wool combination materials – but if you don’t mind waiting a little bit longer, this should work just fine.

The Karrimor Bodmin Mid IV Weathertite Men’s Shoes are a comfortable, durable, and all-weather shoe. They’re perfect for walking around the city on days when it’s dry but you’re not all that keen on staining your feet with sludge from a puddle.

And they’ll make a no-good day outside infinitely better because there is something soothing about taking off wet shoes after a long soggy walk in the rain.

The Mid IV offers superior reliability, protection and comfort for serious outdoor adventures. The Weathertite Hydrophobic material means the outer materials are specially sprayed to be water resistant which makes it so these shoes will last through anything Mother Nature throws at you!

Comfortable too with breathable mesh lining and padded collar to keep your feet feeling fresh even on long hikes. So go out there and give this one a try, you won’t regret it!

Karrimor Bodmin Mid IV Weathertite Men's Shoes
Karrimor Bodmin Mid IV Weathertite Men’s Shoes

Annvia Steel Toe Cap

Annvia Steel Toe Cap
Annvia Steel Toe Cap

Anderson Steel Toe Cap Trainers for Men or Women are a great choice when you’re looking to take your work boot safety needs to the next level. These safety shoes provide protection from hazardous conditions, while keeping your feet cool and comfortable around any environment.

Our innovative safety footwear will ensure safety no matter which workplace condition arises! If you think this product would be a good fit for you, click here for more information about Annvia Steel Toe Cap Trainers today!

This product is made out of thin rubber and there’s not much padding between your feet the ground.

Light-weight, breathable steel toe trainers that are suitable for work boots. Get this style of footwear that is both comfortable and durable.

Buckler Bsh009br Buckshot Boots

The Buckler Buckshot Boots are the best boots for men who want to get concealed quickly. They are lightweight, easy to conceal, provide comfort after an 8-hour workday, and have a stylish design. What more could you ask for in a boot?

The protection is great too! There’s even room for your steel toe. But can people see your highly expensive boots? Nope!

Buckler Bsh009br Buckshot Boots
Buckler Bsh009br Buckshot Boots

Plus the hidden lace zipper will keep them at bay when you take off your shoes or yank out their secret weapons while kicking them under the table or flinging their knives into that ugly painting of theirs on Halloween night.

Bwaahaha! These are tactical weapons against sneaky ninjas with bare feet who do not have socks on during winter time.

Pros: The Buckler Bsh009br Buckshot Boots are ultra-comfortable and wear like a glove, but without the squeak. They also come in a brown option for all your good guys out there.

These boots have extra large openings to accommodate swelling feet when you’re on that 12 hour second patrol or when it’s been raining nonstop for days.

Zips down the outside of the boot allow you to remove wet wool socks at checkpoint without slowing down luggage inspections time—boots can be dried in 15 minutes with no worries about ruining them!

This is especially useful if they’ve been misplaced, or left behind by an unskilled packer after being dozed off in a dark corner of an evacuation shelter during a bunker.

Apache Combat S3 Waterproof

What’s not to love about these Apache Combat S3 Waterproof High Leg Zip Up Composite Safety Boot? Our personable elephant mascot, strategically placed treads, and tough yet affordable price tag make this the best footwear bargain in the animal kingdom (or many kingdoms).

Full Grain Leather exterior with an antimicrobial lining to help fight foot odors. Durable waterproof construction with Steel Toe protection.

Pros: These boots are made from 100% leather so you know your feet will be comfortable year-round.

They have long, high legs for extra coverage and they offer both protection against the elements as well as safety if something heavy were to fall on them you can rest assured that they’ll stay safe because of their steel toe cap!

If your naughty little puppy gets into the Christmas tree again, these are also perfect for chasing him around.

Cons? I can’t think of any at all!

Apache Combat S3 Waterproof
Apache Combat S3 Waterproof

BKS Men’s Safety Work Boots

These BKS Safety Mens Work Boots are engineered for protection and flexibility with features like a patented steel toe cap, polished leather uppers, padded collar lining, wide-spread laces with metal eyeslet china lined eyelets.

Plus these boots also offer easy on-off hardware, deep heel densities to prevent slipping, all the foxing reinforcement to help keep unsightly markings off clothes. And that’s not all; these durable work boots even have PVC soles that stand up against tough environments like wet floors.

Pros: ✓ Steel toe cap protects feet from hard surfaces

✓ Varied layers of padding give greater comfort even after long hours on your feet

✓ Deep heel density prevents slipping in hazardous conditions

✓ The leather steel toes are perfect for the hard-working man who takes pride in their physical appearance.

✓ They’ll last through plenty of falls without scuffing up or tearing, but they’re soft enough that no one will be wincing at the thought of wearing them all day. Adults size 6-12 are available online now!

Cons: If you’re looking for protection from heavier work situations, these probably aren’t your go to boot. We can’t guarantee how long it lasts if you keep hammering on rocks or crushing metal with your feet throughout your day.

BKS Men's Safety Work Boots
BKS Men’s Safety Work Boots

XPETI Waterproof Walking Boots

We know it can be tough to carry a lot of shoes when you’re on the trail. That’s why we designed XPETI Waterproof Walking Boots, Hiking Outdoor Shoes Trekking Mountaineering Summer Vegan High Rise Lightweight Tall Mountain Safety to only weigh in at 2 lbs., light enough for your next backpacking adventure or weekend hike!

Keep these high-tops in your backpack for nimble foot coverage in any terrain – they grip in mud, are lightweight and breathable in summer weather, sturdy with ice protection in winter.

Plus, our XPETI material is 100% waterproof so take ’em down creeks or through dirty farm fields without fear of getting your feet wet!

These boots are designed for hiking and trekking in unpredictable weather, crafted from water-resistant fabric to keep your feet warmer and drier than ever before. The perfect blend of vegan canvas and synthetic materials keeps them lightweight so you can climb higher than always before thanks.

XPETI Waterproof Walking Boots
XPETI Waterproof Walking Boots

Timberland Waterproof Boots

With Timberland Waterproof boots, you’ll always be prepared for whatever the day may bring. These lace up boots are designed to keep your feet comfortable and dry no matter the conditions.

Pros: The waterproofing on these shoes is great! Let’s face it, who doesn’t want their feet well protected? Not only do they stay super clean but you don’t have to worry about stepping in a puddle or any other wet messes that can make your day miserable.

The Timberland Men’s 6 Inch Basic Alburn Waterproof Lace-up Boots are rated at being waterproof, have a lug outsole that helps in snow conditions, are made with an anti-odor polyurethane footbed, and come in 8 colors with inserts for different activities. There is also a matching belt to complete your outfit!

You’ll also never have to worry about water seeping through the zipper because there isn’t one! This can really come in handy when traveling overseas, where different climates are not uncommon.

Con: Along with this pros there can be some downsides; they might feel heavy when wearing all day and the price could be higher than other brands like Adidas or Nike. You also need to make sure of what size you get because it does not come in half sizes.

Timberland Waterproof Boots
Timberland Waterproof Boots

SAFETOE Water Resistant Safety Work Boots

Never worry about soggy feet again! Make safety your second skin with our water-resistant work boots. Designed for the toughest weather conditions, these are sure to protect you from rain, snow, sleet—whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Keep it safe with SAFETOE.

SAFETOE Water Resistant Safety Work Boots have a durable construction, so they’ll stand up to standing for hours at a time. They offer comfort as well as protection from slips and falls.

The boots are water resistant to protect you from slippage during wet conditions, or spilling something on your feet. This product also features reinforced stitching combined with leather reinforcement for extra durability.

The work boots come with a tough steel toe cap that protects the front of your foot from hard objects like nails and hammers. They’re lightweight and wide fit to prevent fatigue over long periods of wear time!

SAFETOE Water Resistant Safety Work Boots
SAFETOE Water Resistant Safety Work Boots

SAFETOE Heavy Duty Safety Work Boots

The Pros: Guaranteed durability and reliability – that’s why SAFETOE is run on a “train until we break” principle.

Comes with these features: Nonslip soles, waterproof material, leather exterior, color brown/tan options, US military standard composite toe cap rated to 115dB sound level or 3 hours at 81 degrees Celsius.

  • -SAFE – so your feet are always safe from injury.
  • -TOE – this work boot features a composite safety toe cap to ensure protection for accidents and falls.
  • -Safety, Comfort, Protection: This is the best way to sum up our boots. These efficient shoes will keep you safe at all times!

The Cons: These boots may be roomy and provide the ultimate in comfort; however they also might require time for breaking-in due to majority of synthetic materials (materials which can render them not all-weather).

Also the price is more expensive than traditional work footwear models like CAT or Caterpillar. All told, if you’re looking for really sturdy boots then this product is worth checking.

SAFETOE Heavy Duty Safety Work Boots
SAFETOE Heavy Duty Safety Work Boots

Red Wing Petroking Boots

You’ve been through rain, sleet and snow with your old beat up work boots. It’s time for an upgrade! These Red Wing boots provide great foot support and protection in all conditions. They’re even ASTM-rated to withstand most oil and gas spills on the job site

Curved toes that are ready to get dirty, these boots are made for work. When climbing into gas rigs or buildings with metal grating, you need some serious protection on your feet so they can handle rough surfaces and keep you light on your feet.

These heavy duty Petroking 6 inch boots have a durable oil resistant jute outsole so no matter how much weight you’re carrying, they won’t wear out quickly. They also come in bright colors for visibility if someone accidentally grabs onto these instead of their own shoes while at the work site!

Red Wing Petroking Boots
Red Wing Petroking Boots


Does it rain in your area often? Do you spend time outside doing things like hunting, farming, forestry work, or yardwork? If so these boots might be perfect for you.
I’ll start with the pros of these boots.

They’re waterproof and has a steel toe which protects against objects that could fall on your feet and cause serious injuries such as concussions or broken bones.

The cons of the boots is that they’re not made for soft ground surfaces such as dirt and grass where you can just walk through puddles to get wet unless they have an accompanying fabric bottom which will become soiled very quickly because it doesn’t shield against water very well at all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are waterproof work boots worth it?

You can never go wrong with waterproof work boots. From the factory floor all the way up to roof work, you can find yourself in an environment where enough was not done to keep your feet dry. Even if you absolutely know ahead of time that water will become an issue, it is not always possible or advisable to take on and off your normal shoes every time it starts raining.

Waterproof footwear will help ensure that your feet stay warm and dry no matter what the weather throws at them. This of course is just one more reason why they’re worth their weight in gold for workers who spend a significant amount of their day outside slogging through rainwater!

Is Gore Tex 100% waterproof?

Technically, no fabric is 100% waterproof. Gore-Tex fabric does not leak or wet easily and can be scrubbed with soap and water.

It’s hard to say that GoreTex is actually ‘waterproof’ because there’s technically no such thing as a waterproof material in real life. Much like raincoats which are designed to shed rain but often need to be dried afterwards, Gore Tex “hangs on” water (instead of absorbing it inside the material like other fabrics).

When you take a shower with GoreTex clothing on, you can scrub them even if they don’t get soaked through and they’ll hold up just fine; the only issue some people have with them is how hot it feels when wearing wet gore.

Can you make leather boots waterproof?

If leather boot’s water resistance is important to you, you can spray them with a waterproof boot protector.

Your options for boot protection are waterproofing the insole with petroleum jelly or heavy-duty shoe wax, then spraying your boots outside by holding down the button until it no longer sprays.

And if that’s not enough, you could buy some suede protectant and put it on before wearing your boots in wet ground. This will give an additional layer of protection for when they get dirty or wet!

Yes. You can waterproof boots by coating leather with any liquid water repellant product. There are liquid products that you spray onto the surface of the leather, but you can also buy a lip balm that contains petroleum jelly which is marketed as being able to keep your lips soft and avoid chapping in winter’s dry environment.

Dip a rag or sponge into the lip balm, rub it over the entire outside of the boot once applied, and allow them plenty of time to dry before use.

Luckily there are now many different products for this type of preparation on shelves everywhere, so finding one should not be too difficult!

Can wearing steel toe boots cause foot problems?

Steel toe boots are engineered with reinforced layers of protection that can withstand heavy impact. They also have an insole that absorbs the stress while cushioning the foot, providing it even more protection.

Most steel toe boot manufacturers today use polyurethane midsoles because they are anti-fatigue and provide shock absorption, damping energy to help balance body weight across other joints in your feet, wick moisture four times faster than traditional materials, providing dry feet for all-day wear even when it’s hot outside, retain their shape better to make sure you get a custom fit every time you put your favorite footwear on.

How long should a pair of work boots last?

Assuming it’s leather, some people would say they should last the years of use. But there are also some wear pieces on boots which are not natural, so it’s really difficult to give an accurate answer. If you have planned the use period of your boots in advance or just want them for a season or less, then they may be made of more synthetic materials that would outlast years of use.

On average, leather shoes can last up to 3-4 months with daily wear and tear before being replaced. Boots worn infrequently might last up to 6-12 months before requiring replacement. When choosing new items of footwear, try always opting for products made from quality materials with water resistant qualities if needed.

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