20 Best Trail Running Gaiters of 2021

Best Trail Running Gaiters

Gaiters are an excellent accessory to have on the trails. They help protect your legs from all of the dirt and rocks that you may step on during a run, and they also prevent ticks and other bugs from crawling up into your shoes. Because they come in so many different styles, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. Here’s how to choose the right pair!

Trail running gaiters are an essential piece of gear for trail runners because they can provide protection from debris, prevent rocks and dirt from getting in your shoes, keep water out of your shoes, and help keep you dry.

They are lightweight, easy to attach to the laces on your shoe with a hook-and-loop fastener strap or velcro straps. Trailrunninggaiters.com has a wide selection of different styles at various price points so that everyone can find what will work best for them!

Trail running gaiters are often considered one of the most important pieces of gear for trail runners because they offer protection from debris like mud or sand that could get into their shoes while also keeping rocks and dirt out.

Before Picking Your Trail Running Gaiters

Benefits of Trail Running Gaiters:

  1. Trail running gaiters are an inexpensive way to protect your feet from debris
  2. Trail running gaiters offer protection for the shins and calves, too
  3. Gaiters prevent mud and rocks from getting inside of shoes on muddy trails
  4. They can be worn with any type of shoe or boot
  5. Running in trail runners with gaiter is more comfortable than without because they provide a buffer between the ground and your feet
  6. It’s easier to go up hills when you’re wearing trail running gaiters because they act as a second set of calf muscles!

What Makes a Gaiter Good for Trail Running?

  1. Protects your face, neck, and ears from the elements
  2. Keeps you warm when it’s cold outside
  3. Blocks wind to keep you warmer
  4. Helps regulate temperature by drawing sweat away from your body
  5. Can be used as a makeshift headband or hat in an emergency situation
  6. Provides protection against insect bites and stings (mosquitoes, ticks)

How to Choose Trail Running Gaiters

  1. Know the difference between trail running gaiters and over-the-knee boots
  2. Consider your terrain – if you run in snow, mud, or wet grass then gaiter height is important
  3. Fit – make sure there’s enough room for your toes to wiggle without being too tight
  4. Weight – lighter weight models will be easier to carry on long runs
  5. Price – expensive doesn’t always mean better quality! It all depends on what type of runner you are
  6. Do some research before buying online so you know which brands have good reviews from other runners

What are trail running gaiters and what do they do?

Gaiters are protective clothing attached to the upper part of each leg. The purpose of them is to keep debris from getting into your shoes or boots while running or walking on off-trail terrain, for instance when you’re farming.

There are four different types of gaiters: boot gaiters, shoe gaiters, over-the-ankle boot gaiters, and over-the-calf sock/diabetic boot combinations. Depending on what activity you enjoy more than others will dictate which style may better suit your needs.

Which material should you choose for your gaiter

It depends on the winter activity you are doing. If, for example, you are interested in skiing – then wool would be better for warmth because of its insulating properties.

However, if your gaiter is designed to protect your neck from wet snow or rain – then a waterproof fabric with great breathability would be best.

My advice is to take into consideration all of the activities you want it to do and bring up examples of each so we can create an answer tailored just for you!

How to measure your leg size to determine the right size of gaiter

To measure your leg size to determine the right size of gaiter, all you will need is a measuring tape. Wrap the tape measure around the thinnest part of your calf just below your knee, with two fingers giving room for comfort.

Measure most snugly around whatever area of leg that’s relevant to how tight you want it to be on your body – usually above the knee or below it depending on whether it’s specifically intended as an activity gaiter or for show — and make note of what measurement pops up.

There are also some generic sock sizes which can give you a general idea of what might fit best, but if they’re not available in any given store they may not be readily obtainable locally.

Tips for choosing the best fitting gaiters, based on reviews from previous buyers

The key to choosing the best gaiters is determining the kind of terrain you’re travelling on. Walking boots are particularly useless for off-trail travel which leads to tromping through dunes, sloping tussocks, and thick brush.

You need some taller mid shin pants or long socks that will keep out any small pebbles or sticks that might find their way into your boots. If your boots have a lot of insulation around the ankle for protection it’s advisable to choose one with some elasticity at the top – this will help accommodate bulky socks without making them too tight. The more expensive versions use an open weave fabric so they give airflow but waterproofing is important on rainy days.

Best Trail Running Gaiters

SANIQUEEN.G Durable Waterproof Trail Gaiters

The pros are undeniable with these long-lasting, waterproof trail gaiters. Don’t let the cumbersome name fool you, the free-flex waistband is lightweight and has plenty of room for all day wear without pinching or biting at chaffing areas. UV protection blocks out 99% of hostile rays so you enjoy your time outdoors great!

Your feet are important so treat them right with Saniqueen.G Gaiters! They have reflective stripes for safety when running at night, ultraviolet protection that’s perfect for horseback riding or taking a walk during sunny hours, and is water-resistant to ensure your stability on muddy grounds through any weather!

These gaiters are ultra light-weight without compromising durability which cannot be said about most of the market.The SANIQUEEN.G Durable Waterproof Trail Gaiters shoes won’t let you down in even the toughest conditions protecting you with comfort all day long! If this product interests you, order today to take advantage of our great deal in limited supply!

SANIQUEEN.G Durable Waterproof Trail Gaiters

Salomon Unisex High Trail Gaiters

If you enjoy walking, hiking, or even winter running on rugged terrain with your dog close at hand, these gaiters are an important safety measure. Especially if you live in a place with harsh winters like Boston, the design of this lightweight gaiter is essential to provide protection from snow drifts and icy patches .

Great for multi-use purposes they can be worn as shorts during summer months complete with strategically placed mesh panels that let sweat escape. They also work well as rain gear because of their waterproof liner that will keep your pants dry when caught outside during sudden weather changes!

he Unisex High Trail Gaiters are specifically designed to keep debris out of your shoe while providing support for ankle stability. These garters have adjustable straps that can be worn around the calf – just slide them over the top until they fit snugly to ensure no slipping or sliding as you walk through those perilous trails. While these still don’t totally solve certain issues such as runners who suffer from chafing due to their lightweight shoes rubbing against the skin.

Salomon Unisex High Trail Gaiters

ALTRA Trail Gaiter

This is the perfect gaiter for those who are looking to hit all types of trails without feeling too road-weary. It doesn’t offer maximum protection from mud, but it does go over your shoe and provide some ankle relief on the toughest climbs.

You’ll feel like you’re walking in fluffy clouds with these low-riding gaiters that seamlessly strap around your midsection so they don’t interfere with your stride or twist unnecessarily during ascent. With just enough rubber to cushion any impending blows, this will be last gaiter you ever buy!

Pros: Don’t let blisters stop you from enjoying your favorite trail; Keep your feet and ankles dry and unscathed.

Cons: Protects only the bottom of the foot and ankle, not higher on leg or calf (so protect that too!).

ALTRA Trail Gaiter

Montane VIA Trail Ankle Gaiters

A lot of gear can address your feet, but what about all the bits up to the knees? Montane’s VIA Trail Ankle Gaiters are not just for blustery days. Fit them over any hiking shoes before you take off into snagging vegetation, brambles, or snowpatch powder fields.

From thick thorn bushes to thick sludge mud pits, these guys have got your feet covered with twice as much protection! Sturdy yet still breathable nylon keeps you dry and comfortable without compromising movement or blister prevention.”

These ankle gaiters will keep pesky branches brushing up against your skin out of one, and will shield that sweet flesh away from any dirt or debris on the ground. But make sure to check with a doctor if you have vascular problems before putting these babies on!

The padding around the top is great for increasing stability when hopping over rocks or boulders, too bad they don’t work as well with studded snow shoes . The elastic cable lock at the front is annoying AF but still worth it for mountain hikes and backpacking adventures !!!

Montane VIA Trail Ankle Gaiters

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX Men’s Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

Are you tired of never knowing what the weather will bring? Are your toes always cold and wet? We have a solution. Introducing our new Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX Men’s Waterproof Trail Running Shoes!

They come in a variety of colors to match any outfit, they’re waterproof so you can wear them in light rain without ruining them, and they’ve got tech features that let you know when it’s time to switch from walking shoes to running shoes or vice versa.

The Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX Men’s Running Shoes just may be the perfect trail running shoe that strikes a balance between off-road capability and on-road performance.

With durable, purposeful design featuring patented grip rubber outsoles and breathable mesh uppers for easy water drainage, these shoes are designed to provide traction over trails wet or dry while an integrated outsole protector shields against rocks and other obstacles–without adding unnecessary weight.

Salomon Alphacross 3 GTX Men's Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

Tooart Outdoor Sports Running Trail Gaiters

Tooart Outdoor sports running trail gaiters are a quick and effective way to protect your feet from the nasty stuff that gets on the trail. Made of an elastic, shock absorbing and washable Pebax® and cotton material, Tooart Running Trail-Protective Shoe Covers come with four adjustable suspender straps for accommodating any shoe size. Choose Pebax® if you’re serious about your health!

“I have always wanted to run in my favorite trails around Bavaria but I’m allergic to all that dirt that sticks to my hair.” said Ilse Sturm-Smith who finally overcame her fears when she found out about Tooart’s new range of protective shoecovers.

These are the Tooart Outdoor Sports Running Trail Gaiters–to keep your shoes clean! These light-weight gaiters slip right over sneakers, grippy soles or hiking boots to provide protection from debris and water.

Now you no longer have to worry about dirt entering your home with these breathable, durable fabric covering that can be wiped off with a damp cloth when finished running through grassy trails or wet sidewalks.

Whether you’re an avid runner, hiker or even enjoy walking in unpredictable weather conditions the Tooart Outdoor Sports are here for you!

Tooart Outdoor Sports Running Trail Gaiters

nuosen Gaiters Leg Gaiters

nuosen Gaiters Leg Gaiters are perfect for the outdoor watchful. Whether you’re hiking, hunting, skiing-gaiters offer extra coverage without sacrificing breathability!

The 150D fabrics won’t tear even when they get caught on small branches while walking in the woods or running through dense brush looking for your next trophy. Roomy elastic band allows these to fit each foot perfectly. Great for insulation purposes while having fun outdoors!

They protect against insect bites and add warmth to your lower body so you can enjoy all of these great summertime activities with family or friends without getting too hot.

There may be times when you go out hiking or hunting but it starts raining long before you return home. And after sweating profusely through a strenuous trek up a mountain slope? Imagine not having leg warmers during that downpour!

nuosen Gaiters Leg Gaiters

Zhongtou Gaiters Men Waterproof Warmth Gaiters

In a world where women are constantly battling for equality, it’s nice to see that the men of China have finally caught on. Read these reasons why Zhongtou Gaiters Men Waterproof Warmth Gaiters for Women Lightweight Snow Hiking Leg Gaiters for Walking will make you happy:

Reason 1: You can now go hiking in peace! Get up before sunrise and head out into the mountains to gaze at a glorious sunset with a friend without worrying about your legs getting cold from snow melting underneath your skirt or dress because these gatirs have full length leg coverage! Who needs pants anyways?

Perhaps you’ve given this type of gaiters some thought before. We hope that we can give clear information for those who are trying to decide between Zhongtou Gaiters Men Waterproof Warmth Gaiters and other products on the market.

The following is a description highlighting what it is, how it compares with similar items available at the site so far, pros and cons of buying one or maybe two pairs, return policies just in case they don’t work out for you

Pros: Lightweight snow hiker leg gaiter design makes easy storage possible; Able to stay warm outdoors

Zhongtou Gaiters Men Waterproof Warmth Gaiters

TRIWONDER Gaiters Low Gators Lightweight Waterproof Ankle Gaiters

Packed with three layers of protection from the elements, TRIWONDER Gaiters Low Gators Lightweight Waterproof Ankle Gaiters For Hiking Walking Backpacking are a must have.

The terry cloth lining prevents blisters while protecting you against sudden downpours and falling snow. They pair well with rain gear or ponchos for waterproofing while you’re hiking in wet weather!

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. These TRIWONDER Gaiters are lightweight, durable, waterproof and will keep your feet warm with their low gaiter design.
Fits any shoe size – no matter what you’re doing outside this season, these gaiters have got your back!

TRIWONDER Gaiters Low Gators Lightweight Waterproof Ankle Gaiters

HomDSim Leg Gaiter Waterproof Anti-tear Ankle Gaiters

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, this is the product for you. This gaiter will keep your gameward against water and mud. If walks are your life’s passion, these are the gaiters for you! Not only do they keep dirt off of your shoes but they also keep snow out, saving precious feet from all that ice cold white stuff.

With these 12″ length Anti-tear Ankle Gaiters attached properly to their intended location on the legs, not even really heavy storms can stop you from being outside. The backs have Velcro strap systems so very adjustable with knee high socks or light joggers too please!

The new gaiters that are waterproof-here’s the really clever part–won’t tear! Distinguished by a sleek, clean design made of high-quality materials, these hiking gaiters will last longer.

Pros: Less chance for tearing on downrigger lines or other equipment pulls. Sleek design with soft material is more comfortable than stiff plastic styles.

Soft neoprene material which makes them very durable and stretchy so they fit nicely over shoes without being too loose to stay put.

Excellent grip due to sharper teeth patterning on elasticized velcro strap at top ankle closure perform without fail every time you tighten it up around your calf unlike some others that have hooks that can fall off.

HomDSim Leg Gaiter Waterproof Anti-tear Ankle Gaiters

Lictin 1 Pair Hiking Gaiters Leg Gaiters

So, you’ve been on a few hikes and snow excursions before, but it seems like you can never quite make those bitterly cold mornings as carefree as they should be. With two of these durable hikers gaiters from Lictin, however, the terrain just might change for the better.

Whether for adventure or protection against chilling winds on precipitous hillsides, achieving that perfect balance between coziness and mobility just got a little easier with these waterproof leg coverings!

This lightweight gaiters come with 1 pair of gaiter. They are the best choice for people who enjoy mountain climbing, hiking or any outdoor activities.

Benefits: Lightweight, durable and breathable material. Keep your shoes dry while you hike in wet weather conditions. These quality synthetic nylon knee high gauntlets are perfect to wear while snowshoeing or on rainy hikes year-round.

Lictin 1 Pair Hiking Gaiters Leg Gaiters

Pasanava Leg Gaiters Waterproof and Adjustable Walking Snow Gaiters

Pasanava Leg Gaiters Waterproof and Adjustable Walking Snow Gaiters with TPU Foot Strap features include:
Ease of use – The quick release buckles make them easy to put on and adjust so you can find your perfect fit.
Comfortability – Made from neoprene, they’re soft enough to wear against bare skin for extended periods of time. Gear up! It’s time for winter outdoor adventures!

This product is a hot new item on the market. The Pasanava Leg Gaiters Waterproof and Adjustable Walking Snow Gaiters has an elastic band with a velcro strap designed to keep snow out, as well as watertight seams for your feet that close tightly using cord locks on either end.

These gaiters are equipped with TPU foot straps, which provide increased stability on slippery terrain, and adjust from ten inches to twenty-three inches in length. With these adjustable protection wraps around your shin area above your boots or shoes – it keeps you dry on those wintry days!

Venture past the broken glass and shattered expectation with Pasanava Leg Gaiter. There is no need to worry about telling your shins goodbye, say hello to finally having coverage for your whole leg while you’re out in the snow.

These winter gaiteres are waterproof, yet still breathable – perfect for not letting that wet swamp into our shoes! And because these gaiters are adjustable, that’s never a problem either!

They’ll accommodate all sorts of calf sizes whether it be little more than stubs or Godzilla-sized legs. Not only does this make it more comfortable on long walks through fresh powder but also makes sure they stay up when fighting against frost bite!

Cons: some people may not want to wear gaiters as they make your leg feel hot.

Pros: more durable, weather resistant, and breathable.

Pasanava Leg Gaiters Waterproof and Adjustable Walking Snow Gaiters

Trekmates Cairngorm Gore-Tex Walking Gaiters

These are the best gaiter for cold weather. With a vibram rubberized construction, these Trekmates Cairngorm Gore-Tex Walking Gaiters provide warmth and protection from rain, wind, fog or ice.

The seals won’t let the damp air in to wet out feet or clothes when you stop moving! They come with snaps that can be attached to any waistband between 12 inches and 37 inches long.

For the past 41 years, Trekmates has been designing and producing waterproof gaiters. They’re best for uneven ground, neutral walkers who take short steps.


– Rugged construction with elastic at top of leggings ensures easy on/off

– Reinforced palm tabs prevent fingers from getting caught in zipper during donning or doffing

– Front ankle zippers allow for ease of use! No more sitting down every time you need to take your footwear off—you can unzip them while standing up!

Cons: – Foam bottoms are bulky and heavy; they don’t compress like some other lightweight brands like Lowa’s Vertigo Gaiters (padded butt is still nice)

Trekmates Cairngorm Gore-Tex Walking Gaiters

JACK PYKE Waterproof Gaiters Green

The JACK PYKE Waterproof Gaiters Green are an attractive colored, breathable gaiters that will fit your needs. These have a popular pattern, matching the poncho you’ve got at home!

JACK PYKE Waterproof Gaiters Green are perfect for your next hike or everyday wear! These water-resistant, lightweight gaiters come equipped with a simple hook and loop closure to offer a comfortable fit.

With straightforward installation that is easy for anyone to do- it doesn’t require any tools or knowledge that is overly specific. They even go around boots with ease! Go ahead and put these gaiter’s on your feet today before rain sets in again.

Pink gaiters for fairies and grape gaiters to ward off the wine. (If dirt is not your thing, then I recommend our silver or red models). They can be fluffy or sleek, thicker or slender; they’ve got anything that will suit your needs.

These waterproof gaiters are a great accessory to keep your legs warm and dry when the rain starts pouring. They easily slip on with a secure buckle, making them perfect for outdoor activities or everyday wear. The small snaps never work right, but make sure you have your chapstick because these gaiters can get really chafey!

Pros: Versatile use, lightweight material

Cons: Small snaps

The colors of this product mimic those found in nature giving it that outdoorsy flair you’ll love day or night. This hat will complement any style from dressy casual to active sports apparel and is approved by the American Red Cross as part of their women’s wardrobe guidelines!

JACK PYKE Waterproof Gaiters Green

Rayami Snow Unisex Waterproof Dustproof Leg Gaiters

What can one of these do for you? Keep your lower extremities warm and dry during the winter season. Stay active outdoors with reduced risk of a dust-related sneeze! Prevent against pesky pebbles snagging pant legs. It’s lightweight, breathable, tough as nails and ready for high adventure.

Rayami leg gaiters are a one size, fits all nylon coverall that will stop the stuff from coming in and going out. Rayami is both warm and waterproof, preventing frostbite to your toes or shin by keeping all of temps inside.

Simple design allows for movement without being cumbersome. Lighter than most models on the market since Rayami doesn’t have any complicated fastenings or straps that must be tighten before use!

Ideal for outdoor climbers who need protection from rocks and dirt getting into their shoes while climbing mountains during winter time

Creative: Makers of Rayami products designed this special item because they believe in building superior gear capable of doing anything you might need it to do.

Rayami Snow Unisex Waterproof Dustproof Leg Gaiters

LOPOO Leg Gaiters Waterproof for Men and Women

There are pros and cons to having gaiters on. On one hand, they protect your outfit from the snow and make you look like a loner mountain hunter like Wesley R. These Leg Gaiters Waterproof for Men and Women also add about half an inch to your height so if you’re looking for some extra inches in that old wardrobe, LOPOO leg gaiters waterproof honeymoon hiking boots is the perfect tool!

On the other hand, here’s what happens when these things catch water… With 900D Nylon fabric which features both breathable mesh technology AND sweat-absorbing qualities, not only do these gaiters keep out alarming amounts of moisture but they improve airflow around your calves by 10%.

Our exclusive 900D nylon fabric is water-proof so it can resist fire from fireplaces or stoves too! You won’t have to worry about wet feet either way with a breathable inner lining that will force moisture away from your skin.

These features come in a stylish design that goes over any kind of shoes to have you looking great while being able to go absolutely anywhere.

It’s all thanks to our calf high cut that covers most of your leg as well as adjustable elastic straps for an easy fit. The LOPOO Leg Gaiters Waterproof for Men and Women also comes in black and fluro yellow colors!

LOPOO Leg Gaiters Waterproof for Men and Women


If you’re like me and enjoy running trails, gaiters are a critical piece of gear. They keep debris from getting in your shoes and also offer protection to the lower leg.

These little pieces of fabric can save miles worth of frustration and potential injury by preventing rocks or sticks from poking holes in your feet or legs as well as keeping dirt out when crossing streams.

I recommend checking out some trail running gaiter reviews before making a purchase because they come with different features that may be more important than others depending on what type of terrain you run most often.

Trail Running Gaiters are a great way to keep debris and mud from sneaking into your running shoes. They also help protect the back of the legs, ankles, and feet from being scratched by rocks or branches on trails.

Ultimately, they will make you more comfortable while out on longer runs so that you can enjoy nature without worrying about stopping along the way for repairs.

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