10 Best Shoes for Running on Concrete (2021)

Best Shoes for Running on Concrete

Running on pavement is hard on the body and can be harmful to your knees. If you run often, or just started running, it’s important that you find a shoe that protects your joints and supports proper form.

As a runner, you know that running shoes are important. When it comes to the best shoes for running on concrete, there are many things to consider when making your purchase decision. For example, what type of runner are you? Do you run in the city or out in nature? How much do you want to spend? What is your arch like?

Each of these questions can help determine which shoe is right for your unique needs. Below we will take a look at some common questions runners have about different types of running shoes and how they might be used on concrete surfaces. We hope this blog post helps make choosing the right pair easier!

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

The Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes are versatile shoes, perfect for trail running! The trail-specific lugs allow you to tackle any terrain with ease. You’ll love the comfortable high quality leather upper which will provide long lasting comfort and durability during your run.

These shoes also have the latest technologies to ensure an improved performance throughout your run. They’re made of lightweight material so that they won’t weigh heavy on your feet. This shoe runs narrow – if you typically wear an EE or EEEE try a wide width instead.

Built for trail running and light hikes, these shoes boast a grippy compound to take on technical terrain and provide ankle stability while maintaining high levels of comfort.

The mix of hard and soft materials provides flexibility without sacrificing protection, so whether you’re scaling up or down mountains or through canyons, we’ve got your feet covered.

Designed with input from elite ultra trail runners such as Kilian Jornet and Caroline Chaverot to meet their specific needs, our trail running shoes excel in all conditions–even during multi-day events like the Western States 100 or 155-mile Ultra Freel Peak challenges where daily wear will be maximized.

Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes
70 £

Nike Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoes

The Revolution 5 features a heel and forefoot compression zone and flex grooves, which allow your feet to move naturally through each step. The shoe also includes an ultrathin mesh upper with the trademark Nike Swoosh, as well as reflective material that provides optimum visibility in low-light conditions.

Pros: The “Revolution” name lets you know this is some of their newer technology. This is unique because the shoes have so many different technologies working together to create a better shoe for people who do a lot of running or walking on pavement or other difficult surfaces.

These shoes are so comfortable, not only for casual use but also if you happen to do a bunch of heavy running due to how they complement your stride by being shock free.

Nike Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoes
50 £

ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 7 Running Shoe

It looks like you’re getting pretty serious about your running. That’s great! We know that those days on the treadmill just aren’t cutting it anymore and you want to start hitting those trails or heading out on a morning run before work.

But, do you actually know what the best shoe is for carrying this load? Lots of individuals find themselves dabbling in different trainers without finding the right fit, only to be deterred by discomfort and their lack of other dependable options. Well we’ve got some great news for you: ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 7 Running Shoe has everything you need and more!

Just because there are other running shoes that cost less, doesn’t mean you should compromise. These ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 7 Running Shoes are made for runners who are looking for a shoe to be tough on the pavement while being reliable enough to last miles.

They may not be dainty by any means, but they offer cushioning and shock absorbing technology so your next marathon isn’t as painful as it could have been.

It sits at an average cost of $125 which is certainly pricey but worth every penny if you’re still looking for a solid shoe that can meet all your needs outside of just being something sturdy enough to beat concrete day after day.

ASICS Men's Gel-Contend 7 Running Shoe

WHITIN Men’s Running Trainers

WHITIN Mens Running Trainers – This shoe is stylish and comfortable, but you’ve got to be honest: we’re actually worried about your safety. The “slicks” on the bottom can bet really good at sticking to things like wet concrete or broken glass, which might be a problem for people who are running through neighborhoods where litter collects. But if keeping up with your neighbors around the block is more important than these little details, give this a try!

These WHITIN Men’s Running Trainers are perfect for running on concrete. The side-lacing design is fast and easy, keeping your feet in place during even the most vigorous exercise. And with reflective material built into the heel of each shoe, you’ll be seen at night when there’s traffic around you!

WHITIN Men's Running Trainers

New Balance Men’s 411v2 Road Running Shoe

The ultimate in performance and style, for runners who prefer track surfaces like concrete or asphalt. These lightweight shoes will be your new favorite go-to if you’re seeking a smooth and responsive ride: welcome to “your feet’s own personal zen garden.”

What makes these shoes shine is how well they move with each step; balancing natural movement, toe flexion, and heel stability. You’ll feel like you’re walking on air without feeling too constricted (thankful because we all know our feet can swell during long runs). Lost? No problem because this shoe comes with reflective accents that’ll help keep ya safe!

The New Balance 411v2 has been a long-time favorite for runners, and it’s no surprise. It’s the lightest member of the New Balance Men’s Road Running Shoe line-up that also includes a cushioned heel to provide stability and protection from overuse injuries plus an innovative “curve negotiation” system in all four corners for added traction on slanted surfaces.

The 100% synthetic mesh upper is designed with breathability, durability and comfort tested by athletes, meaning your feet will enjoy unmatched ventilation as they work up to their personal bests.

And if you overheat (we don’t condone these behaviors), you’ll appreciate how fast this running machine wicks moisture away like nothing else out there!

New Balance Men's 411v2 Road Running Shoe

ASICS Men’s Gel-Cumulus 23 Running Shoe

Asics Gel-Cumulus 23, made by the ASICS label out of Japan. This shoe is great for running on concrete surfaces – just not as forgiving as it needs to be for off-road surfaces. The solid but flexible rubber sole makes this shoe grippy in all weather conditions – wet or dry, hot or cold.

It’s not too noisy either when you’re walking around in public. Asics know that heel pain is a major influence when buying new gear, so they’ve put extra cushioning into the midsole so your feet are always in comfort even after long runs on unforgiving pavements.

You’ve been searching for a running shoe that isn’t going to create blisters, irritate your skin, or cause you to overcompensate with movement. This is not an easy task—after all, our feet are sensitive and have very little built-in padding.

Thankfully, there is ASICS Men’s Gel-Cumulus 23 Running Shoe. And now Nike has joined forces with ASICS so it must be good! The upper mesh texture of the shoe helps stop dirt from making its way into spots where you can’t wipe if up after a run.

There’s also support throughout the midsole and extra cushioning underfoot which reduces injury risks while increasing comfort too!

“This is the shoe for every runner looking to get serious about their running on concrete. It features our innovative GEL® technology in the heel and forefoot, while maintaining classic ASICS comfort.”

“The durability of these shoes comes from polyurethane midsole foam that’s molded into a durable rubber that won’t wear away like standard rubber.”

Pros: Sturdy, stylish design

Cons: Toe box is cramped and can be uncomfortable for wider feet

ASICS Men's Gel-Cumulus 23 Running Shoe

NIKE Men’s Downshifter 11 Running Shoe

The Nike Men’s Downshifter 11 Running Shoe is a lightweight shoe designed to improve the overall running experience. The design of this shoe places emphasis on comfort and fatigue-fighting as well as having good support for those with flat feet or other arch related issues.

There are many options available for runners looking for a comfortable, light weight running shoe to use on pavement, concrete and other hard surfaces.

The Nike Downshift 11 is a running shoe designed to provide a soft and comfortable ride. Featuring a lightweight, yet firm construction for stability—the rubber soles even have grooves in them for durability! If you’re looking for a lighter-weight supportive performance running shoe with React cushioning…y’know the one that feels good damp, hot or cold? That one. The Downshift 11 has it all wrapped up into what pro runners are calling “the best value out there”
TO CONCLUDE: Buy this product because it’s reliable and supportive without being too heavy.

NIKE Men's Downshifter 11 Running Shoe

Asics Men’s GT-1000 10 Road Running Shoe

Asics 10 could be your last as they say. So why not wear out these comfortable and durable shoes for those long jogs on the asphalt roads that you love to run?

The main pro about this product is that it’s cushioned enough you can run on concrete, but also light enough to use for shorter runs or other activities too. On the parts that offer cushioning, you get less than optimal protection because the overall feel doesn’t offer much structure.

To put it simply: “this shoe feels flimsy.” But maybe these are shoes for beginner runners who don’t really know what they need until they experience running in them?

Maybe this would be one of those lucky impulse buys where you find out whether beginner shoes work for your at all before buying something more expensive later on down the line!

The TPU heel clip provides flexibility and support while the EVA cushioning reduces impact and provide comfort. Get running in style with this 1 of a kind ultra-light shoe! Plus, we will match any competitor’s advertised price!

  • Good potential for arch support, but not enough to justify the price.
  • They’re comfortable in terms of width and weight.
  • For better comfort on long distances, consider trying Nike instead.
  1. You know you’re going to have a good run when the first step you take out the door – isn’t after trying to adjust your shoes for 5 minutes!
  2. With incredible comfort and breathable mesh fabric, our advanced design will keep your feet feeling fresh all day long, even if you put in an extra mile or two at work!
  3. The GT-1000 10 shoe eliminates torque across the heel strike with its rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning system. Combine that with Asics’ revolutionary U4icX cushioning foam and we guarantee that each stride becomes as effortless as it is athletic!
Asics Men's GT-1000 10 Road Running Shoe

Under Armor Men’s Essential Running Shoe

Do you know what I hate doing the most? Running on pavement, because my shoes are really not designed for it. The thing is, if I belong to a running club that meets up twice a week at the gym, then there’s no choice but to run on concrete since routes change every week! What am I supposed to do now? If only someone made products with both durability and comfort for this situation.
We did! Under Armour Men’s Essential Running Shoe. This high quality running shoe was designed specifically for concrete surfaces so all of your workouts can be better than ever before. With 3D chassis protection your feet will stay comfortable even when you’re dealing with cracks in the sidewalk!

That’s right. This shoe is freakishly light and unbreakably strong, giving runners what they need when starting out in the morning or after sitting all day.

A lightweight knit upper with a built-in arch support supports your feet as you move around on those long runs, and an ultra-flexible rubber sole provides cushioning on both thick and thin surfaces.

Now that we’ve told you some of the basic features, let’s break down why this running shoe rocks:
Lightweight: With a weight of just 7 ounces (for size 12), it won’t slow you down on those long runs Convenient: Super breathable design means that your feet will stay cool through overtime without reducing traction.

Under Armor Men's Essential Running Shoe

Brooks Men’s Beast 20 Running Shoe

If you’re looking for an everyday running shoe that’s available in a range of colors to fit your look, this is your answer. The Beast 20 offers the same guidelines and stability as our standard Brooks Beast without sacrificing flexibility or breathability. One size fits all with stretchable materials to keep you comfy for miles; if it does get dirty, throw them in the washing machine.

The Men’s Beast ‘20 runs like its predecessor without compromising comfort features in terms of flexibility and breath-ability in addition to not weighing down any individual. The shoes are comfortable even if they just came out of the washing machine.

Boasting blister-free seams and an outsole that will keep your feet feeling light as air on even the most unforgiving terrain (running primarily on concrete), Brooks has left no stone unturned in designing what is sure to be your number one choice for marathon running for years to come.

While our shoes are by no means cheap, they’re essential for any serious runner looking for something reliable without compromising quality–a true testament to the time and dedication put forth by those who manufacture its parts overseas.

Brooks Men's Beast 20 Running Shoe

SOLLOMENSI Running Shoes

Practical and On-Trend, These SoLLOMENSEI Running Shoes are the perfect athletic shoe to boost any look. Get a new set of kicks with these trendy running shoes.

With sleek colors and fitted silhouettes, you’ll feel on trend from head to toe! Too many options will have your head spinning as this stylish sneaker is available in so many different shapes and designs.

Don’t worry about comfort as our breathable mesh lining ensures a cool, breezy walk no matter what obstacles come your way!

These multifunctional moccasin slipper shoes also offer arch support for an extra step up in kick style. Make every step count with these fitness sneakers that will keep even first things first.

They’re zero-drop, ultra lightweight and have a wide toe box to ensure that your feet stay healthy. These Sollomesi shoes are quick to put on and give a secure feel because of the elastic laces. The breathable mesh top keeps things cool so you can focus on being active.

Pros: Comfortable, Lightweight, Secure Fit

Cons: May be too hot for some people

SOLLOMENSI Running Shoes

PUMA Unisex Scorch Runner Running Shoe

Do you find your old running shoes were a good fit for the sand, dirt, and trails of the desert but not so great on concrete? Do you have that slipper slippage going up hills or even just walking around in gym class because your soles are too thin & bouncy for traction?

This is not an insult. Maybe one day they’ll invent something that feels like turf through the city streets, but until then we recommend these PUMA Scorch Runners. These classic runners offer lightweight comfort with carbon rubber outsoles sturdy enough to take on any surface.

Buy these running shoes if:
-It’s a scorching hot summer day and you’re going to be spending the day being active.
-You want a quick shoe that can handle concrete sidewalks or asphalt bike paths, but has the reliability of crumb rubber for traction on dirt roads.
-Breaking them in will have little impact on your stride since they have been designed for high performance from the start.
Oftentimes being “on fire” feels good, but it doesn’t feel good when your feet are burning in a pair of too tight sneakers! With this kind of scorch in mind, PUMA came up with something new to combat heat fatigue during outdoor exercise – think lightweight, breathable materials designed.

PUMA Unisex Scorch Runner Running Shoe

SALOMON Speedcross 4 GTX Women’s Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

You’re wondering, “Will they keep up with me?” Well no matter which surface you’re running on these babies will never let you down. With a suede and mesh upper that’s breathable and quick drying, the SALOMON Speedcross 4 GTX Women’s Waterproof Trail Running shoes are made to be durable enough for runs that stretch across different terrains yet agile enough for an intense workout.

A midsole provides stability while always leaving your feet feeling comfortable thanks to it built-in OrthoLite footbeds, fully integrated Fortius EVA midsoles, and Sticky Rubber outsoles designed to provide traction in any type of weather conditions underfoot.

From the grounds to the trails, these shoes are an all-terrain runner’s best friend. The flexibility and grip of Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX Women’s Waterproof Trail Running Shoes will come in handy when you’re dodging obstacles on your way to that personal record. Concrete is just one type of surface you can workout on in these versatile running shoes, so whether you need a fresh pair for sidewalk sidewalks or slick mountain paths, we’ve got you covered.

Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX Women’s Running Shoes are the best shoes for running when you’re on concrete. They have a waterproof design, which is great in any weather or weather conditions.

The outsole has durable grip to stop your feet from slipping along the ground, and an EnergyCell+ foam cushioning system provides exceptional protection against shocks. The synthetic upper with six hook-and-loop straps make these comfortable enough to wear for hours of running at your favorite trail spot!

SALOMON Speedcross 4 GTX Women's Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

BRONAX Men’s Trainer Road Running Walking Sport Shoes

You love to run on the open roads. For miles at a time. You’re athletic and all that you do, is stay fit– for like, your whole life. Well stop right there, Baby Blue! Running on concrete without some proper footwear will get old fast (and could end up hurting you).

Thankfully BRONAX’s Trainer Road Running Walking Sport Shoes has the best of everything: soft leather upper with padded collar system; breathable mesh lining; synthetic fabric insole which wraps around creating arch support; lightweight flexible rubber sole forgiving enough to prevent any pain post-run… not mentioning its fashionable design – perfect for running around town after work.

Look good and feel great with a pair of BRONAX Mens Trainer Road Running Walking Sport Shoes. Is comfort what you’re after? Look no further! These shoes allow enough room in the toe box, heel cup, stretch fabric for discomfort, and built-in arch support.

You can go from running on concrete or jumping at your favorite tennis court right into work without any discomfort to speak of! To be honest, these light brown sneakers even look stylish enough to wear them out with friends. Get yours today before they’re gone!

BRONAX Men's Trainer Road Running Walking Sport Shoes

Asics GT-1000 9, Men’s Running Shoes

Are you a runner? Have your feet been in pain recently? We’re here to help! If you were looking for a shoe that is lightweight, with mesh and suede uppers, with a breathable upper and tongue – this is the shoe for you.

Take on the concrete when running around town with style when rocking these shoes from Asics. Truly one of the most stylish designs out there these days.

Pros: All-day stability and cushioning. Responsive for quick cuts. Ideal for neutral runners looking to log miles on concrete surfaces. Lightweight, but sturdy with a roomy forefoot area and a lightweight upper construction.

Cons: Those who choose this shoe will be committed to running on concrete exclusively as the thin polyurethane midsole is not hard enough for asphalt or pavement usage

This product has been put together with those who run exclusively on concrete in mind as it provides them with vital necessities they need when doing their routine runs throughout the day!

In addition, those who purchase these shoes will feel confident that, with its responsive design, they can make swift cuts without turning an ankle or getting slowed down.

Asics GT-1000 9, Men’s Running Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is concrete bad to run on?

If you’re going to stop and walk on concrete, do so quickly. Your foot will be in contact with the ground for only a few milliseconds before it has passed over to the next step.

When your feet are striking concrete from a running start, this means your feet have been put in contact with the surface of the sidewalk for about 100 milliseconds or more by the time you’ve completed a stride. This is a lot harder on your tendons and joints than walking smoothly across.

Consider that bricks or stones shallower set into mortar cause less wear and chipping because they give easily without catching too much underfoot while still providing an even surface to walk on.

Are running shoes good for working on concrete?

It’s a great idea to wear running shoes on concrete as they give you better shock absorption and more support.

The primary reason for this is that running shoes have a thicker sole which gives your foot more cushioning from the surface below. A secondary reason, though it may be less significant, is that running shoes have a lighter construction than work boots so they offer less resistance when walking uphill or across slanted surfaces.

Is it bad to use trail running shoes on pavement?

Yes. Traction is the only thing you need to worry about on pavement, and while barefoot traction is better than shoes, it’s still quite low overall.

Trail running shoes are designed for the soft and uneven terrain of trails providing more protection and stability than a typical street shoe or sneaker. Keeping your feet protected from pavement will help avoid blistering, abrasions, and other injuries due to time spent on rough surfaces.

Pavement can also be hot if reflective heat bounces off of them making an already warm day even hotter so using trail running shoes may help prevent foot problems such as corns or bunions caused by standing near heat sources such as indoor heating or pavements in summer months when temperatures warm up.

How do you keep your feet from hurting when standing on concrete?

1) Keep your weight on the heel of your foot, not on the ball of your foot. Standing on uneven ground will often do this naturally.
2) Rub a thick layer of Vaseline onto your soles and wear thin cotton socks to make sure it’s not coming off in between steps.
3) If you still have problems with pain, get insoles made of EVA rubber that can be found at a local pharmacy for a cheap price. These provide excellent cushioning and last for several months before needing replacement or being thrown away due to dirt or oil buildup from miscellaneous new shoes that have been worn in them.
4) Buy some high-quality shoes from a store with knowledgeable staff so they know

One way of reducing foot pain when standing on concrete for a prolonged period of time is to use the “Rock Reveal” technique. It’s a little more difficult while wearing shoes, but it can be done with some adjustments while working in or around an office environment.

Simply place one foot up against the opposite side of the calf and start rocking back and forth from heel to toe. As you’re doing this, an important thing to watch for is that your toes are always completely clear on each swing from heel-toe position back into that resting area at the heel on rock reveal. You want to watch carefully so they don’t get caught dangling off the floor.

Is walking on concrete bad for your feet?

It can be if you’re not wearing the right type of shoe.

Yes, it is bad for your feet if you’re not wearing the right-type of shoes. When walking on concrete barefoot or in sandals, the compromised connection to the surface increases your risk of a bunion and other issues.

The reason is because this provides less stability and support for your foot which increases stress along muscles, joints and ligaments during each step.

This creates unnecessary wear and tear – adding to pain after a long day at work or simply going grocery shopping! For those who are already under stress from higher levels of motion due to repetitive motion jobs – such as nurses or cashiers – then these risks are that much more heightened.

Is concrete bad for knees?

Concrete is not necessarily ‘bad for knees’ but does put more stress on them due to the impact of running on it.
Allow granite to become popular again in the quest for a better surface.
Concrete remains an inexpensive option with reliability, durability, and simplicity – but at what cost?

Knees are stressed by continual pounding when running barefoot or without proper footwear. The result can be permanent damage to joints causing pain with arthritis developing early in life if precautions are not taken.

Luckily there are some easy tips to combat concrete’s negative effects: Wear appropriate shoes anytime you run indoors or outdoors over concrete–at least if your never plan to take up competitive running!

Is it better to run on concrete or a treadmill?

I would go with a treadmill. The effect that the ground has on your feet while you are running can have many detrimental effects to your physical being, including strains and impact injuries.

The repetitive stress to the foot, ankle, leg joints and supporting muscles will all take its toll on any given runner at some point or another. Running on softer surfaces will lessen these stresses so your feet stay strong.

Not only are they less costly to replace but just as effective for training. Either way, an experienced runner will need no convincing of this great suggestion!

Why do runners not use sidewalks?

While sidewalks seem like a better option than running on the road, they can actually pose a big risk for runners and cyclists.

A two-lane roadway (a typical suburban setup) has stripes painted to indicate lanes. A sidewalk is lined up to the center of the lane, which makes it technically an extension of that lane.

This means you can end up in another person’s lane without noticing if there’s someone in your path who didn’t hear or see you coming (and since people generally watch out for traffic rather than pedestrians).

Cars do occasionally hit walkers and cyclists in this manner, so it does happen with enough frequency to be noteworthy.

Can you use track shoes on concrete?

If you’re looking for ways to protect your feet after running on concrete surfaces, then yes. Track shoes are equipped with thick, rough soles that provide much-needed cushioning. If your main goal is to protect the foot tissues from impact trauma, then this kind of shoe is perfect.

Track shoes are designed for runners who train on a track surface rather than pavement or rubber matting so they have larger ankle stability pads and less cushioning in the heel area which the body weight will rest directly upon when support starts to weaken during longer distances or sprints.

Beach flag pole bases & railroad ties work too since they don’t have any hollow bits around them which would cancel out their effectiveness as well as put overheating.

How do you run on concrete?

If you’re looking for ways to protect your feet after running on concrete surfaces, then yes. Track shoes are equipped with thick, rough soles that provide much-needed cushioning. If your main goal is to protect the foot tissues from impact trauma, then this kind of shoe is perfect.

Track shoes are designed for runners who train on a track surface rather than pavement or rubber matting so they have larger ankle stability pads and less cushioning in the heel area which the body weight will rest directly upon when support starts to weaken during longer distances or sprints.

Are hiking boots good for walking on concrete?

Hiking boots are not made for walking on concrete. Your feet will likely hurt after a day of standing in the hard, cool surface because your hiker’s footwear is designed to protect you from uneven ground and help stabilize your ankles. If the only pair you have are hiking boots, be sure to wear at least two pairs of socks to keep your feet warm—this will form a buffer between your skin and the boot, which reduces friction even more.

Are Hoka shoes good for working on concrete floors?

They’re good at giving your feet and body some relief for on-your-feet work.

Heel pain is very common among those with hypermobile joints, as well as those whose professions involve a lot of standing or walking such as nurses or teachers.

Over time, these types of jobs can cause the joints in the foot to loosen up so much that you develop repetitive strain during daily activities such as walking or running.

Your heel is actually bearing most of your weight which contributes to more pain and discomfort every day (a more severe form of this is called plantar fasciitis).

Is it better to walk on concrete or grass?

Walking on grass causes damage to the cartilage in the ears, while walking on concrete does not. Secondly, when people walk barefoot they often injure their arches which can lead to pain and other problems in adulthood, sometimes after only a few miles walked. When you wear shoes or flip-flops while walking on anything besides pavement, there is an increase risk of catching plantar warts. Lastly downside of the porous nature of grass is that it soaks up more pollution from animal feces and pet waste left behind by our urban population-.


When it comes to running on concrete, there are a number of factors that can affect your performance and safety. The surface isn’t the only factor you need to consider when selecting shoes for running on concrete; shoe weight is also an important consideration.

Shoes designed specifically with runners in mind will be lighter than other types of athletic footwear such as cross trainers or hiking boots which may not be ideal if you plan to run on pavement regularly.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from then we recommend checking out our blog post about how much shoe weight matters when it comes to running on surfaces like asphalt before making a purchase decision!

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