15 Best Insoles For Work Boots (2021)

Best Insoles For Work Boots

No one wants to deal with the pain of wearing work boots for 12+ hours a day. However, you can protect your feet and make your work days more comfortable by investing in some shoe inserts or insoles for your boots. Insoles are designed to provide shock absorption, arch support, heel cushioning and stability while reducing foot fatigue.

They also help keep odor at bay by absorbing sweat throughout the day. This is why it’s important to buy quality insoles that will last you through many seasons of wear and tear – not just cheap brands that won’t have any benefits after a few months of use! With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find high-quality products without doing research first.

Insoles for work boots are important to use if you’re on your feet all day. Walking is the most natural movement, but it can also be one of the toughest on your body. If you don’t take care of yourself by wearing insoles in your work boots, then you might experience pain or even injury after long periods of time. Luckily, there are many different types and sizes of insoles available that will help make this process easier for you!

Benefits of Insoles For Work Boots

  1. Insoles help you walk more comfortably
  2. Insoles decrease the risk of injury
  3. Insoles improve your posture and balance
  4. Insoles reduce foot fatigue and pain
  5. Foot care specialists recommend insoles for work boots as a way to extend the life of them
  6. Get better quality sleep with insoles because they lessen nighttime disturbances that might keep you awake at night, such as restless leg syndrome or plantar fasciitis

Tips of How to Choose Insoles for Work Boots

  1. Consider the type of work boots you have
  2. Determine if your current insoles are worn out or not providing enough support
  3. Consider what type of arch supports you want in your new insoles
  4. Choose a size that is comfortable for you and fits well inside your work boot
  5. Check to see if there are any reviews on the product before buying it online or at a store
  6. Make sure to buy an extra pair of socks when getting new insoles for work boots, as they will change the shape of them slightly

Best Insoles For Work Boots

Scholl Gel Active Work Insoles for Men

Do you have tired, sore feet? Do your feet feel heavy when they hit the ground after a long day at work? If so, the Scholl Gel Active Work Insoles for Men are what you need. They feature our patented gel padding to provide much needed shock absorption throughout your whole foot.

These insoles are designed to be durable and comfortable in any shoe because of their thin design that contours to any shape foot inside of it. With specially placed vents that prevent moisture from building up, these stay fresher for longer!

They’re perfect for demanding jobs like construction or manufacturing; no matter how hard things get on the job site, our insoles will keep your feet feeling fresh all day long.

The Gel Active Work Insoles are the best way to manage impact on your feet or knees by improving balance and cushioning pressure points that can lead to injury.

The physiotherapist approved product line has both men’s work shoe insoles for toe nails/athlete’s foot treatments as well as foam sandals with antimicrobial coverings.

Scholl Gel Active Work Insoles for Men
Scholl Gel Active Work Insoles for Men

Flat Feet Insoles, Insoles for Work Boots

When you work on your feet all day, no matter what kind of boots you wear, it can take a toll on your body. Flat Feet Insoles are made of the world’s most advanced gel product technology to make sure that won’t happen any more.

Innovations in firmness and arch support help disperse pressure evenly across the foot for hours of uninterrupted comfort while still making sure the overall size is optimized for each user – not too thick or thin.

You’ll get years out of these insoles before they start to wear out. Even better, they’re cost-effective when rung up next to what you might pay at the doctor’s office or physical therapy clinic!

If you need them for work boots, they are specially designed to be thin but firm enough so you don’t feel pain in the foot bed area. In addition, we have insoles that can provide extra support to those with Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and overpronation syndrome.

It doesn’t matter if flat feet is a condition or just a symptom of another condition – these orthotic insoles will reduce pain and increase comfort immediately upon wearing.

Flat Feet Insoles, Insoles for Work Boots
Flat Feet Insoles, Insoles for Work Boots

LARGERED Memory Foam Insoles for Men

LARGERED Memory Foam Insoles for Men and Women will make you feel like your feet are wrapped in a blanket of cushioned comfort all day long. You&ll notice improved longevity to your shoes with less wear, especially around the heel area.

Wear time is extended because of the support provided from increased cushioning against footfalls on pavement or concrete floors.

As long as you have flat, dry feet then these insoles should fit into any shoe that has removable insoles! With different style memory foam insoles for men and women – whether it be work boots, walking boots, ladies trainers.

Pros: Will add a few inches to your height with added stiffness in the heel and arch that will do wonders for supporting weak ankles. Made from 85% synthetic materials, they’re suitable for vegan shoe lovers
Balanced levels of softness inspired by memory foam blankets Your feet will be less sore when you get up or go for a break

Designed to handle heavy work days on construction sites, factory floors with poor ground conditions & long hours in traffic. Great for nurses, clerks and office professionals who spend all day on their feet

Cons: They might make pretend conversations really awkward if people think you’ve gained an inch more than it really is.

LARGERED Memory Foam Insoles for Men
LARGERED Memory Foam Insoles for Men

Pro11 wellbeing Orthotic sports insoles

Our insoles are perfect for people who often experience painful or uncomfortable metatarsal pain. It’s designed to absorb the shock that high-impact activities can put on your feet, so you never have to feel discomfort again.

What others say about the product: “Best $40 I ever spent! I use my inserts for running and they do a great job of making it comfortable! Would recommend these to anyone with foot problems to help their feet heal up faster.

The pros: they’re perfect for those who work on their feet long hours or take part in regular endurance sports to prevent knee and foot injuries.

The insoles are also a good solution for people with aching feet, as their memory foam construction offers excellent cushioning.

They could even be included in your hiking boots to prevent blisters from forming between the toes!
The cons: Once again proving that whatever’s bad Forks is better down south!

Pro11 wellbeing Orthotic sports insoles
Pro11 wellbeing Orthotic sports insoles

NeoPhysio Shock Absorbing Gel Insoles for Shoes

We all know that certain shoes can cause major pain. The normal idea of taking it easy doesn’t always work–you end up back to square one. But there is a new type of solution, something you can wear INSIDE your shoe!

NeoPhysio Shock Absorbing Gel Insoles absorb the shock and pressure created by walking or running on hard surfaces, helping restore balance and stability, while protecting sensitive joints like ankles and knees. You will finally be able to do what you want without any negative repercussions.

Getting your shoes and boots on can be a pain if you have plantar fasciitis, arthritis, or other foot problems. Our insoles help reduce the shock from walking and running by up to 25%.

The gel inserts add cushioning in crucial places like toes, heels, and arches. Plus they’re really easy to slide into any shoe or boot – no cutting required!

For when it’s time for a new pair of sneakers – NeoPhysio Shock Absorbing Gel Insoles will make all the difference. Made with a patent-pending combination of gel & foam soles that automatically adjust to your stride for increased protection against heel pain & pronation.

NeoPhysio Shock Absorbing Gel Insoles for Shoes
NeoPhysio Shock Absorbing Gel Insoles for Shoes

riemot Memory Foam Insoles for Men

Do you struggle with foot pain when walking or running? We all want to be healthy, but that doesn’t always feel possible. Poor mechanics and alignment of the foot while we’re on our feet can be associated with narrowing of blood vessels in your feet.

This causes softened cartilage, painful joints and even decreased circulation in your legs and hips! If you’re trying to figure out what kind of insoles will give you support while also bring comfort, think about NeoPhysio Shock Absorbing Gel Insoles for Shoes.

These gel shoe inserts are made from a proprietary fiber blend designed specifically for shock absorption and bone protection without sacrificing breathability so your feet stay cool all day long.

These insoles come in a one-size-fits-all package with six individual pairs of Gel Insoles. They can be washed by hand and have been developed for those who love sports, their feet need some relief from the impact that running or playing basketball or football can cause, but still want to maintain an active lifestyle.

The Gel Insole will not only protect your foot from injury over time; it also improves ventilation, reduces odor and keeps water off the skin due to its sweat absorbent material. However – you do not want to use this if you suffer from diabetes, as they may make excessive sweat worse because the gel creates a sweaty area on top and absorbs moisture away from sweat glands below (which means less dry areas).

riemot Memory Foam Insoles for Men
riemot Memory Foam Insoles for Men

MOISO GEL Sports Work

-Are you sick of bending over at work as a result of foot pain? Have no fear, because MOISO GEL Sports Work Insoles will ease your pain and protect your feet. These inserts fit easily into any shoe and provide 12 hours or more protection for those long shifts on their feet.

The design and careful placement of the gel protects the back area and heels from impact to relieve foot fatigue. Don’t spend painful days working out with these insoles to comfort your weary muscles!

-Unless you’re made up entirely of muscle, then these MOISO Sport Work Insoles probably won’t do anything for you (except save money).

Aching feet cause premature fatigue and pain, so relief starts with MOISO GEL Sports Work Insoles.

The advantages of MOISO go beyond just shock absorption though. These inserts are designed to massage those tired soles as you spend hours on your feet. The massaging base promotes circulation all around the foot, relieving aches from sore joints, bunions, hammertoes and more as it goes.

MOISO GEL Sports Work
MOISO GEL Sports Work

Orthotic Insoles Arch Support Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Do you have flat feet? Hard time walking for an extended period of time due to heel pain? Orthotic insoles might be your best bet! Shock absorbing gel inserts offer cushioned support that is optimal for plantar fasciitis.

The orthotic insoles are specially designed to reduce pressure on the arch and ball-of-foot, alleviating foot pain, backache, even knee problems. They can also help with pronation issues by increasing muscular exertions in key areas of the foot.

With our orthotics arch supports for women or orthotics arch supports men available in heights ranging from low to extra high heels, comfort will not be a concern.

Orthotic insoles are company with limitless gravity to stop constant pain. We’re not saying you should run out and buy these right now, but it’s worth considering that other arch supports aren’t designed for plantar fasciitis. They could be the smartest investment you ever make!

With this orthopedic foot care solution, fatty tissues can finally heal after too much time on their arches (causing chronic plantar fasciitis), or they can go back to doing what they were supposed to do all along-act as shock absorbers for each step taken.

Orthotic Insoles Arch Support Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis
Orthotic Insoles Arch Support Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts for Work Boots

If you’ve been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, these inserts will help relieve your foot overpronation and realign your arches. If flat feet or anything that makes it difficult to find the right pair of orthotic arch supports for you, Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts may be worth a try, as they offer outerfoot support and heel cushioning – but their best quality is how they can fix pain related to heel spurs or sore feet.

This product is great if you’re looking for some cushion. I own them myself and find that they provide ample arch support, which feels fantastic when your feet are tired or sore. There’s only one downside to this insole: “Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts With Arch Support” will never be donned by fashionistas on their walk of shame because they turn old boots into orthopedic sneakers with fashion-forward laceholes so the day after Thanksgiving doesn’t look like it’s about to happen all over again. Nicer than lugging around two pairs of shoes for days.

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts for Work Boots
Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts for Work Boots

Walkomfy Flat Foot Arch Support Orthotic Insoles for Men

“Introducing the perfect solution for people with flat feet! Walkomfy Flat Foot Arch Support Orthotic Insoles are designed to provide arch support and relief from heel pain, potential foot problems such as plantar fasciitis or orthopedic conditions like metatarsalgia.”

“Walkomfy inserts also reduce fatigue due to added cushioning which consequently leads to an improved walk/gait pattern, reduced stress on muscles and joints. These insoles are made of memory foam so they mold perfectly for your foot’s shape, making them comfortable right out of the box!”

With Walkomfy Flat Foot Arch Support Orthotic Insoles for Men Women, you’ll never have to worry about foot fatigue again! The unique design of these insoles will help you stay comfortable all day long.

The high arch support and plantar fascia support provide maximum support, while the shock-absorbing foam inserts keep your feet feeling great. This orthopedic insole was designed with a memory foam inner sole that breathes and moves naturally to reduce bacteria buildup.

Don’t delay any longer – say goodbye to fatigue today with Walkomfy Flat Foot Arch Support Orthotic Insoles for Men Women!

Walkomfy Flat Foot Arch Support Orthotic Insoles for Men
Walkomfy Flat Foot Arch Support Orthotic Insoles for Men

MOISO Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles

I’ve had this for a week now and it has significantly improved my pain by absorbing shock from walking. It may feel stiff at first, but I wore them at home until they were comfortable enough to wear out, and each day they loosened up more and more.

With tired feet every morning I would limp down the coffee shop stairs in tears ready for another day of walking on my painful feet. Embarrassing as that sounds, that was before I finally decided to invest in some memory foam orthotics.

Making that purchase was one of the wisest decision-making moments of my life as these insoles not only relieved all visible foot problems like arch support and metatarsal disorder.

MOISO Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles Are you suffering from Plantar Fasciitis? MOISO has the solution for maximum relief. These orthotic insoles feature a metatarsal pad stoma, meaning less pain and discomfort in your heels during the day.

They’re made of super-comfortable memory foam that provides an even distribution across foot arch – which can’t be said for plastics or other materials! There’s no better way to spend a lazy winter morning than sitting around DIYing these insoles.

MOISO Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles
MOISO Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles

Sorbothane Sorbdouble Double Strike Insoles for Men

Sorbothane Sorbdouble Double Strike Insoles for Men and Women Antibacterial Shock Absorption & Heel Support Insoles are different from the others.

These surprisingly thin insoles are made of quality non-slip sorbothane which absorbs twice as much shock than rubber on average, so you can prevent unnecessary strain on your joints by absorbing 70% more than rubber foam.

It has a few more major purposes too: anti bacterial material reduces odor build up, heel highlights highlights provide targeted relief for plantar fasciitis/heel spur/metatarsalgia problems.


-Insoles relieve the pain of every step! Whether you’re running, playing sports or just torturing yourself on your morning walk these are perfect for you! Less cleaning up to do after because they clean easily with soap and water.

After many hard miles, these insoles will change your world. Can’t live without them now that I have them in my shoes all day. Can last for years if cared for correctly–replace often when worn out or questionable.

Sorbothane Sorbdouble Double Strike Insoles for Men
Sorbothane Sorbdouble Double Strike Insoles for Men

Flat Foot Arch Support Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles

Flat foot arch orthotic inserts are more than just relief for plantar fasciitis. They provide joy in many ways. For some, they bring back stability after illness or injury or while pregnant. For others, they help to ward off these painful ailments before it strikes again.

More than anything though, flat foot orthotics give less aches and more gains when participating in exercise routines that require standing long periods of time on hard surfaces like pavements or floors at work or play – making them terrific support shoes for women! Just remember that the benefits of your feet needn’t be limited to your noggin only, so make sure you use undersoles throughout the day too!

There’s no such thing as buying too many or too few shoes and it shouldn’t be a problem for those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. Flat Foot Arch Support Orthotic Insoles Shoes Inserts are designed to take some of the pain out of your walk, run, marathon, work day – whatever!

With built-in plantar fascia pads and massaging knob soles you can look forward to that dainty stride feeling good about yourself again.

And partnered with orthopedic insoles for shoe inserts they’re sure to sustain all day comfort, arch support cradling them in snug cozyness just doesn’t get anymore comfortable than this!

Flat Foot Arch Support Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles
Flat Foot Arch Support Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles

Sorbothane Full Strike Insoles

Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter how you spell it, or where in the world you grew up playing it- everybody loves football! Soccer players come from every corner of the globe to play for their respective national teams.

It’s uniquely international game that requires total dedication and team work while also presenting endless opportunities for individual showcases of skillfulness. Yet even with all this hype surrounding Sunday night games on ESPN there are still some other concerns to address during indoor periods when players are forced to train indoors.

For many athletes foot conditions can be extremely painful due to hard impacts, extreme speed changes, uneven surface heights, unforgiving ground saturation etc which is why so many people employ Sorbothane Insoles in theirs sneakers!

Built for the long-distance runner or football player who needs maximum cushioning because their joints are in pain already.

The Sorbothane Full Strike Insoles provide foot arch, heel support, AND impact relief; you won’t believe how comfortable these insoles will make your feet feel after running or playing football!

• Solid rubber base absorbs high impact like a dream—in scientific terms it’s at least 14 times more shock resistant than other shoes! It can even protect against plantar fasciitis and arch pain; forget ice baths and stretching exercises when you’re using this product!

• You’ll always be ready to play with our unbelievably soft foam that doesn’t need much time to break in.

Sorbothane Full Strike Insoles
Sorbothane Full Strike Insoles

PANSHAN – Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles

This product is recommended as a maximum of two months for those experiencing extended pain relief.

Memory foam orthotic insoles combine the latest technologies with tried and true tried and true materials to create an unrivaled, plantar-fasciitis solution.

Lightweight and naturally contouring, PANSHAN Orthotic Insoles quickly relieve heel and arch discomfort while promoting better stance and posture due to their built-in lightweight support inserts that sit comfortably on either side of your feet.

Super comfy without looking like you’ve stepped out of a fashion magazine (matching black make them perfect for all occasions), these ultra smart shoes combat the stiffness often found in Dansko or Dr Scholls clones through crafty design.

PANSHAN Memory Foam Insoles are plantar-fasciitis heaven. These soft inserts work to take pressure off the arch and heel while making sure your feet don’t get too warm at the end of a hard day, and they create a perfect balance between comfort and protection — you can actually feel relief while wearing them!

They provide secure grip for low profile shoes while also reducing stress on already sore heels. Who doesn’t want that? In conclusion: you won’t regret investing in these orthotic insoles which will be worth their weight in gold when your foot pain is gone for good!

PANSHAN - Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles
PANSHAN – Memory Foam Orthotic Insoles

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I put insoles in my work boots?

Insoles in work boots help in a number of ways. First, they reduce the pressure on your feet and your calf muscles when you take an extended break from activity to rest their tendons.

Second, they help reduce muscular fatigue by distributing more of the weight at your joints evenly across many muscles so that each muscle group doesn’t have to do too much work at once.

Third, they permit deeper breathing which is essential for regulating body temp through sweat evaporation off the skin surface of this organ/membrane system serving as both inner& outer skin for our physical form.

How often should you replace work boot insoles?

Insole wear starts from the inside of the shoe, where it’s most susceptible to stress from your foot and any irregularities underfoot that measure less than 1/4 inch high. In time, these small irregularities get ground down into protrusions that then rock back and forth against your foot when you step on them, causing friction against the skin on top of your feet.

That friction leads to skin abrasions! Wear a layer or two of duct tape over any area where a protrusion is especially prominent for loads lasting more than 12 hours so it doesn’t dig into moleskin underneath if needed too.

Are gel insoles good for standing all day?

Gel insoles are good for standing all day if they are properly fitted. For example, they may have more cushioning in the area that is being stressed when standing.

To ensure proper fit, be sure to check the insertable length of your current shoe inserts against gel insoles to see which pattern you want/need most. You will find this measurement in most inserts or on the box.

There are two main types of gel based foot pads – one type consists of a set amount of soft reflective foam padding with a thin layer of gel material applied over top to create the cooled feeling and gripping surface you need while standing on an uncomfortable surface for hours at a time.

Gel insoles are designed with technology that responds to the force of the surface it’s standing on, providing compression where most needed. This encourages comfort and weight distribution by distributing loads away from problem zones like pressure points, ankle tie-ins, etc.

Want stiffer support? Introducing your new best friend – orthotics! Orthotics are specifically designed to maximize benefits, for example through arch supports which change the load transfer through the foot joints and forefoot stability which helps redistribute the weight across different parts of your feet according to an individual’s needs.

How do you know if your work boots are worn out?

You can tell that your work boots are worn out when the rubber in the sole starts to disintegrate and peel off, showing different patterns in the rubber.

It’s important to determine when you should buy a new pair of work boots, because there is a finite lifespan for any type of shoe or boot. Shoes and boots gradually break down with use, and eventually need to be replaced. Worn-out shoes lose cushioned shock absorption from their soles. Lack of cushioning leads to foot pain from heel impact back up through your whole body.

How long should a pair of work boots last?

It all depends on how often you are wearing them. Different people have different needs for frequency, comfort, and amount of use.

Some people require boots for 8 hours work days every day just to get the hang of their job at all, while others might need to wear them 4 hours each day or less. Another person might only work 1-2 days a week but will do intense activities during that time period.

There’s no strict rule because ultimately any individual’s preferred boot is one they are happy with which provides enough support for their needs over time without being too uncomfortable or requiring repairs too often.

Can you put insoles on top of insoles?

If your shoe is too big, the insole would be thicker and may cause more discomfort.

I can’t answer since I never tried that myself, but new research from the University of Edinburgh suggests that adding an insole on top of an already-existing one could lead to new bacteria colonies growing between layers. Alternative answers below if you want a different opinion:

According to Dr. Terry Krause, a podiatrist from New York City interviewed by TODAY.com, “If you have a foot problem and need orthotics… there’s almost no limit.
It really depends on what kind of insoles they are – whether the bottom layer is just flat or has enough padding that it will not crush any surface.

How long should you wear insoles?

This is a case-by-case question, as some insoles need only be worn for short periods of time, while others need to worn all day.

The reason for this is because if the condition that caused the foot pain is caused by nerve dysfunction and not actually arthritic change on bone surfaces, then we can treat it with medications and exercises without needing to cement muscle and temporarily immobilize joints with orthotics.

Insoles must be used cautiously though as they can cause plantar fascia or Achilles tendonitis if over-used. Avoid using them excessively! As mentioned before, at times they are necessary after injury or to provide relief from chronic pain related to injury.

How often should I buy work boots?

Buying work boots isn’t really something you do “often.” A lot of people find it more practical to go with shoes they can wear for more than one day, so there’s no need to buy new ones for every single day at work.

One thing you might consider, though, is getting some slip-on inserts that you can put in your work shoes each morning after the heel has worn down enough based on how much standing and walking you do on any particular day.

If that’s not an option for some reason (for instance, if you’re using steel toe boots that don’t have space for additional inner soles), then I would recommend buying new work boots at least every six months.


The idea of replacing a shoe’s insole is said to help people with plantar fasciitis, corns, or calluses. The theory is that the new insole will better cushion sore feet and reduce pressure on the arch. Walking barefoot also helps stimulate nerves key in absorbing shock, according to a study in The Journal of Applied Physiology.

It’s possible in some limited cases that insoles can relieve pain but it varies from person to person and by their feet type. They are always an option for when you’re feeling discomfort from your work boots but you’ll want to try different types before coming to any conclusions about their effectiveness alone.

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