20 Best Socks for Hiking in Summer (2021)

20 Best Socks for Hiking in Summer (2021)

Hiking in summer is a great way to explore the outdoors, but it can be tricky if you’re not prepared. If you’ve ever hiked during hot weather before, chances are that your feet got sweaty and sandy, or your socks got soaked with sweat.

This post will provide some tips for choosing the right pair of socks for hiking in summer so that you can enjoy nature’s beauty without sacrificing comfort!

Hiking is one of my favorite things in life because it makes me feel so alive! The one thing that I always hated about hiking were the hot days when you had sweaty socks rubbing against your skin inside your shoes or boots which made them uncomfortable and dirty quickly.

One day I decided to do some research on hiking sock options for myself and found out how great they are for keeping feet dry but also being breathable!

Storm Bloc – Summer Breathable Hiking Socks

Why Storm Bloc? Well, let me tell you. I was at the store looking for some new shoes and I saw these new Storm Block hiking boots by Columbia. They looked nice so I decided to buy them.

When they arrived, the first thing i noticed is how light weight they are – only 1 pound per shoe! The next thing that surprised me is how comfortable these shoes were – with just a little bit of breaking in around the ankles, my feet felt like they had been wearing this style all their lives!

These shoes also have something called Omni Tech which means that it will keep your feet dry regardless of what conditions you’re out in- perfect for those who love being outside!

“Storm Bloc is a new shoe company with an innovative design. The shoes are made in the USA and come in four men’s sizes,” “which include: 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16+. They also have two women’s styles.” “They’ve been designed to provide optimum comfort for summer hiking needs.”
“The Storm Bloc shoes feature durable waterproofing and breathable mesh material with added cushion on the sole. Plus they’re backed by a lifetime warranty!”

Storm Bloc - Summer Breathable Hiking Socks
Storm Bloc – Summer Breathable Hiking Socks

Outdoor Walking Socks

It’s no secret that the outdoors is a great way to get in shape, clear your head and just enjoy life. And while it may seem like an easy task, there are some things you’ll need to prepare for before heading out on your next adventure.

One thing you want to be sure of is your footwear because this will affect how comfortable and happy you are during your time outside. If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor socks in merino wool, then look no further than Outdoor Walking Socks by Smartwool!

They offer all sorts of sock options depending on what type of activity you plan on doing- hiking or trekking included!

When you are looking for outdoor walking socks, Merino wool is the best material to use. It’s naturally antibacterial so it doesn’t stink after a long hike or trekking adventure.

Plus, they’re thick and cushiony so your feet stay warm and comfortable during the cold winter months! These awesome pairs come in sizes that fit men, women, and children!

Outdoor Walking Socks
Outdoor Walking Socks

Hiking & Walking Socks 1 pack in Merino Wool

The best socks for hiking and walking are the ones you don’t have to think about, they just stay on your feet. We get it, you’re busy with life’s daily tasks.

That’s why we’ve done the research for you and found what we believe to be the best option out there: one pack of merino wool Hiking & Walking Socks in a variety of colors that will work for anyone.

A lot of people don’t realize that socks are really important when you’re hiking or walking. If your feet get wet, they can start to hurt and blister. It’s also not good for your feet if the sock is too tight because it cuts off circulation.

That’s why we recommend Merino Wool Hiking & Walking Socks 1 Pack in Merino Wool, for Men Women Children, Trekking- these socks will help keep your toes warm and dry all day long!

Hiking & Walking Socks 1 pack in Merino Wool
Hiking & Walking Socks 1 pack in Merino Wool

Mountain Warehouse IsoCool Liner Socks

Summer is here and it’s hot outside. There are few things worse than being stuck in the heat with sweaty feet, but these IsoCool liner socks will help you stay cool during your next hike or just sitting on the couch watching TV!

These liners have a lightweight mesh panel to provide breathability while still providing comfort, cushioning, and support for all day wear. For added protection from blisters and chafing, our polyester fabric has anti-bacterial properties that keep your feet feeling fresh throughout the day.

The best part about these liners is that they’re machine washable so you can always get them back to new condition after wearing them out!

Walking, hiking, or just being on your feet all day can be tough. A lot of people are looking for new ways to make their feet more comfortable. One of the most popular products right now is IsoCool Liner Socks from Mountain Warehouse.

These socks are thin and lightweight but offer a ton of comfort. They fit snugly around your foot so you won’t have any slipping issues while wearing them. The material they use is breathable so it’s great for hot weather or when you’re in an air conditioned environment too!

Mountain Warehouse IsoCool Liner Socks
Mountain Warehouse IsoCool Liner Socks

Onmaita Athletic Ankle Socks

Onmaita Athletic Ankle Socks are designed for both men and women who want to take care of their feet. The 6 pairs of socks come in various colors, so you can get the perfect pair for your outfit! Not only do Onmaita Athletic Ankle Socks provide comfort, but they also help with sweat management.

Onmaita Athletic Ankle Socks are made from a high quality cotton blend which is soft against your skin while still being durable enough to withstand repeated use. These ankle length athletic socks promote airflow and moisture absorption while preventing blisters or abrasion due to rubbing when worn with shoes or sneakers.

Onmaita Athletic Ankle Socks, 6 Pairs Breathable Running Socks for Men and Women is a product that will make your feet feel like they’re on clouds. They are perfect for runners who want to get the most out of their workout by preventing blisters, soreness, and other foot problems. Onmaita socks are breathable so you can wear them all day!

Onmaita Athletic Ankle Socks
Onmaita Athletic Ankle Socks

Merino Wool Light Hiking & Trekking Socks

The Merino Wool Light Hiking & Trekking Socks 3 Pack are made from high-quality, extra light merino wool that’s comfortable enough to wear all day long. They come in a wide range of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for you and your family.

Merino wool socks are particularly popular because they’re soft, lightweight, and comfortable, but also durable and naturally odor-resistant to help prevent sweaty feet.

Our Light Hiking & Trekking Socks 3 Pack is the perfect starting point for that next big trek! Available in Men’s, Women’s, Kids’, and various sizes (EU 31-34 // UK 12-2), all you need to do is select your size and color!

These socks are not only comfortable, but also durable and protective. The Merino Wool fibers stay warm in cold weather but breathe well in warmer conditions, so your feet won’t get too hot or too cold.

They’re also anti-blister thanks to the extra padding around the toes and heels that’s designed to absorb impact and protect your feet from rubbing together inside of the shoe.

Merino Wool Light Hiking & Trekking Socks
Merino Wool Light Hiking & Trekking Socks

Hiking Low-Cut Socks

Protect your feet on the trail with our Hiking Low-Cut Socks. These socks are specially designed to provide a comfortable, cushioned fit for all day wear without rubbing or chafing.

They feature a double layered arch support and a reinforced heel and toe for durability. The thicker cushioning provides protection from branches and roots that you encounter while hiking. Perfect for everyday wear or outdoor adventures.

These Hiking Low-Cut Socks are perfect for those who want the friction-free, supportive benefits of a low-cut sock with the added protection from rough terrain. With breathable mesh panels, these socks will keep your feet cool and dry no matter how long your hike is.

These Hiking Low-Cut Socks are designed to provide a snug, comfortable fit and excellent moisture management. Made with a special blend of fibers that reduce blistering and chafing, these socks will take you from the trail to your favorite pair of shoes in no time.

Hiking Low-Cut Socks
Hiking Low-Cut Socks

FALKE Women Socks

We all know it’s important to wear the right socks for the right occasion, but it’s even more important when you’re on your feet all day. Our Cool Trekking Socks are made with performance fabric that wicks away sweat and is designed to act as a barrier between your feet and shoes. They come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can find the perfect match for every outfit.

These FALKE Women TK1 Cool Trekking Socks will keep your feet warm and dry with a super-comfortable trekking sock construction. Made from durable performance fabric, these socks are the perfect companion on the trail.

The FALKE Women TK1 Cool Trekking Socks are made from a high-tech material that is breathable, abrasion-resistant, and fast-drying. The socks have been designed with padded zones for comfort at the heel and ball of the foot, while the reinforced heel cup provides extra protection for this vital area.

FALKE Women Socks
FALKE Women Socks

JEEP TERRAIN – 3 Pairs JEEP Cotton Walking Hiking Socks

Whether you’re hitting the trails or just getting some errands done, our JEEP Terrain socks are right on time. These high-performance cotton hiking socks are built with a moisture-wicking technology to keep your feet dry and blister free. Available in sizes 4-8, they come in an attractive rose/purple colorway so you can match your JEEP footwear of choice.

The JEEP TERRAIN – 3 Pairs JEEP Cotton Walking Hiking Socks are perfect for anyone who needs their toes to be warm and cozy. The socks are made with cotton fabric, which is soft and comfortable, while still providing excellent warmth. They come in an assortment of colors for you to choose from, so you can pick the ones that match your style best!

They are made of cotton which is breathable, absorbent, and comfortable. The socks are also available in sizes 4-8, so they are perfect for both kids and adults!

JEEP TERRAIN - 3 Pairs JEEP Cotton Walking Hiking Socks
JEEP TERRAIN – 3 Pairs JEEP Cotton Walking Hiking Socks

Belakapa Men’s Sports Socks

Belakapa Men’s Sports Socks are designed to provide comfort and performance for any man’s needs. From casual outings to athletic endeavors, our socks are perfect for any occasion.

They provide absorption, protection and ventilation so you can spend your day on your feet without running into any discomfort. We offer a wide variety of styles and colors to fit different outfits and occasions, and we’re always here to help you find the right pair for you.

The soft, moisture-wicking fibers keep your feet dry and cool by drawing away sweat, while the cushioned bottom provides enhanced comfort on long walks or tough hikes. And our performance crew socks are just as functional as they are stylish–perfect for everyday wear at work or on the weekends.

Pros: These socks are made with a moisture wicking fabric that will keep your feet dry throughout the day.

Cons: The socks are not guaranteed to be odor-resistant.

Belakapa Men's Sports Socks
Belakapa Men’s Sports Socks

Kappa Sonotu 3 Sports Unisex Socks

If you are looking for a retro look pair of socks, look no further. Each pack of 3 is guaranteed to be cool and comfortable, perfect for the tennis court or even your favorite kickball game.

Made from a high-tech, double knit fabric, these socks are designed for ultimate comfort and breathability. They will stay up even through your most rigorous training!

Our Kappa Sonotu 3 Sports Unisex Socks Pack of 3 I Retro Look Tennis Socks features a roomy foot opening, which provides optimal comfort and breathability. They also have reinforced heel & toe, which ensures durability all throughout the life span.

These socks are unisex and come in sizes 7-12 to fit all your family members’ needs! The assortment of colors give you plenty to choose from, so you can have one pair for every day of the week if you want.

Keep your feet happy and your style on point with our unisex sports socks. You’ll love the retro look, and we know you’ll be impressed with the comfort and durability of our 3 pack of Kappa Sonotu 3 Sports Unisex Socks.

Kappa Sonotu 3 Sports Unisex Socks
Kappa Sonotu 3 Sports Unisex Socks

Gozlu Men’s Running Socks

When it comes to the right socks, you need a sock that will stand up to any obstacle. That’s why we designed our Gozlu Men’s Running Socks with a cushion in the heel and ball of foot for maximum comfort, arch support for a stable fit, and ventilation channels to keep your feet cool.

The Gozlu Men’s Running Socks is a 5 pair and it comes in different sizes (7-11), providing you with the perfect fit.

These socks are made with anti-blister, breathable and ventilation channels for your feet, plus they come with arch support and ankle athletic socks that will give you extra protection when you’re exercising or training.

The only thing that may be a con is that they do not have any cushioning on the bottom of them.

Gozlu Men’s Running Socks have 5 pairs of socks for men, women, and kids. They are made of high-quality material, durable, thick cushion, breathable ventiliation channel design, arch support.

Ankle athletic socks size7-11 offer an anti-friction cushion along the foot for optimal comfort during light exercise.

Gozlu Men’s Running Socks are great for running or walking because they are arch supported with thick cushioning that offers extra protection against blisters and other abrasions. These socks also offer ankle compression which means they will help you to recover faster after a long run.

Gozlu Men's Running Socks
Gozlu Men’s Running Socks

Bridgedale Socks

Designed to be comfortable, durable, and long-lasting, the Bridgedale HIKE Lightweight Cotton Cool Comfort Boot Men’s – Large are perfect for hiking in cool weather. They are made of lightweight cotton designed to keep your feet cool while hiking on warm days. The cotton also provides comfort and durability for years of wear.

The Bridgedale HIKE Lightweight Cotton Cool Comfort Boot Men’s – Large socks are very comfortable and great for hiking, outdoor work, or everyday use. They come in different colors and sizes for optimal comfort.

They are made from cotton which is very breathable and helps with sweat absorption. The material also wicks moisture away from the skin which helps keep you dryer and more comfortable during extended periods of time.

Bridgedale Socks are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and more comfortable than ever before. Plus, the ankle reinforced seal keeps your feet dry. But there are some cons too: these socks are designed for hiking boots only.

Bridgedale Socks
Bridgedale Socks

VITSOCKS Men’s Merino Wool Socks

These hiking socks are warm and cushioned, so your feet stay comfortable on long hikes. They’re also breathable, which helps regulate temperature and combat sweat buildup.

The light color of these VITSOCKS Men’s Merino Wool HIKING Walking Outdoor Socks makes them versatile for any outdoor activity, whether you’re out camping or just taking a walk in the park.

Super cozy and breathable, these wool socks are perfect for hiking, walking, or just lounging around on a cold winter day. The cushioned sole provides extra comfort and protection against pressure points for longer walks.

The merino wool keeps your feet warm and dry but won’t feel too heavy, even on a long hike.

The cushioned sole and heel offer extra comfort for your feet, while the 2-pack ensures that you always have a fresh pair ready to go.

VITSOCKS Men's Merino Wool Socks
VITSOCKS Men’s Merino Wool Socks

Alwaylax Mens Socks

Looking for a comfortable, affordable, and reliable way to make your feet feel great? Well, look no further. Here are 5 reasons why Alwaylax Mens Socks are perfect for you:

– They’re lightweight yet durable

– They’re machine washable

– They’re designed to wick sweat away from your skin

– They offer extra cushioning in the heel and toe area

– They come in multipacks – so if one pair goes missing you still have 4 more pairs!

1. Alwaylax Mens Socks 5 Pairs Running Socks Wicking Breathable Cushioned Sports Socks Comfortable Hiking Socks Multipack Walking Socks for Men and Women (9-11)

2. Breathable: One of the best features of these socks is that they breathe and wick moisture away from your feet to prevent blisters and odor.

3. Cooler: You can also stay cooler, which is a big advantage when hiking, running, or walking in the summer months.

4. Protective: The cushioned heel and toe prevents blistering on your feet as well as the ball of your foot. It is also highly durable so it lasts for a long

Alwaylax Mens Socks are made of high-quality materials and perfect for a range of activities. They stay comfortable and provide better breathability and moisture absorption than other brands, and they come in a multipack which means you’ll never have to worry about running out.

Alwaylax Mens Socks
Alwaylax Mens Socks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which socks are best for summer?

The best summer socks are the lightest socks you can find. Cotton socks are great for summer, but they do tend to get pretty sweaty. For this reason, some people prefer silk or wool socks. Silk or wool socks are a little bit more expensive, but they will keep your feet cool during the summer while still protecting them from germs.

Are merino wool socks too hot for summer?

It depends on your feet. Since your feet generate most of your body’s heat, the first thing you want to do is keep them dry. The best way to do that is with merino wool socks. Merino goes on ‘wicking’ which means that it takes the sweat out of the sweat glands on your feet, where it can evaporate quickly.

This will keep your feet dry for longer, without making them hot. When your feet are dry, you won’t be as uncomfortable in the summer sun. Most summer socks are made out of polyester or acrylic, which are great insulators.

They will keep your feet warm, but they also trap your sweat, which makes you hot. Merino wool socks are great for the summer, especially if you live in an area where it gets hot.

Are cotton socks better for sweaty feet?

Cotton is a breathable fabric and hence is preferred during summer. But it also absorbs sweat and moisture from your feet. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics wick moisture from skin and help in maintaining a dry environment. Thus synthetic socks are a better choice for sweaty feet.

Are bombas socks good for summer?

Yes, they are! Bombas socks will keep your feet cool and dry all day long even if you wear them during summers. The socks are made of high-performance materials like cotton, nylon and spandex, which make them the best summer socks. The socks also feature an elastic arch that keeps them up and a custom fit.

The toes and heels will be well-supported by the breathable mesh insets and the socks will keep your feet odor-free and comfortable. Moreover, the socks are long lasting and will last for a really long time. They won’t fade away or fall apart after a few washes.

Why are cotton socks bad for hiking?

As you climb higher up into the mountains, the air pressure drops and the temperature drops as well. When you wear cotton socks, the cotton fibers absorb the sweat and hold onto the moisture. This moisture will cause your toes to become cold and numb. It will also cause your skin to become very dry and painful.

Should you wear 2 pairs of socks when hiking?

Well, it is up to you. If you are just hiking for a day, you don’t need to wear more than one pair of socks. You can wear one pair of socks. You can wear 2 pair of socks if you are hiking for a week or overnight.

Are sock liners necessary for hiking?

Long distance hiking is a test of endurance. Hikers must be prepared for various conditions, including extreme heat and cold, snow, wind, rain, and sun, during their hikes.

Sock liners are an effective way to battle blistering, chafing, and friction that may cause blisters. They are especially useful if your feet sweat profusely, as it helps keep your feet dry, comfortable, and blister free.

Are merino wool socks good for summer hiking?

Merino wool is a great fabric for a lot of reasons. It keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, it is very soft and has a very high moisture wicking capability. It also dries quickly. So yes, Merino wool socks can be used in Summer hiking.

Are lightweight wool socks good for summer?

Lightweight wool socks are great for summer, as they provide cushioning and support, which makes them a great choice for those who do a lot of walking. They also allow for a good amount of airflow so your feet don’t get sweaty and uncomfortable.

However, keep in mind that a lot of socks made from wool have a very tight weave, so the socks could potentially cause blisters if you have a hard time keeping your skin from rubbing against the material.

Do certain socks make feet stink?

Yes, certain socks can make feet stink. This is because different types of material absorb sweat differently. Some socks absorb sweat more than others, and they also release the sweat in the form of odor.

Cotton socks are the worst, because they absorb sweat and do not let it dry out. Synthetic socks are better than cotton socks, but they too absorb sweat and make feet smell. Socks made of fabrics like wool or synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester are the best for keeping feet dry, but they may take longer to dry than cotton socks.


I love hiking during summer because it is convenient for me. I can go to different places with hiking shoes without taking too many bags. I found hiking socks are the best solution for the summer to protect my feet from water, rocks and insects. I love the alpaca socks made of wool, they are soft and comfortable.

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